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Images of Day 2 from the highly anticipated Battledrift 2 project

#BATTLEDRIFT 2 – Go Behind the Scenes

Jul 282017

You’ve witnessed the shred, now let us take you behind the scenes of the ultimate East-meets-West race showdown.

It took months of planning, and four intense dawn-to-dusk days on location to put together the raw materials needed for the celebration of rubber melting mayhem that is #BATTLEDRIFT 2.

To guide you through just what it was like capturing a Lamborghini, a GT-R, and ProLite Truck going head-to-head, we teamed up with none other than UK-based circuit racer Nic Hamilton. “It was an honour – I love being a part of Monster and what the brand stands for, and getting out to the shoot and host the behind the scenes edit gave me the opportunity to learn something new,” explained Nic.

Nic continued: “I’m a circuit driver and not a drift driver; and after the filming I’ve got a whole new appreciation of what Baggsy, Daigo and Casey in his ProLite truck do. I couldn’t imagine driving a car like the GT-R with 1400bhp - the sound it created was intense.


“Even the clarity of it; you could hear pretty much everything that was going on in the engine. The details and effort that both Baggsy and Daigo have put into their cars is crazy. Take something like the size of the turbo in Baggsy’s car – it just shows how far the engineering has been pushed in drift cars, and what is achievable.


“It’s fantastic to be a part of the #BATTLEDRIFT franchise that has been so successful before as well. Watching people burn some rubber and create some havoc was mega!”


Hit play, sit back, and enjoy the ride.