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Nov 022016

Be Inspired has just dropped and has melted the brains of skiers worldwide! With an insane soundtrack, this movie represents Henrik and Phil's vision of freeskiing... all out style! 


I just dropped be inspired – Henrik was stoked, Iberg was stoked so yeah I think that’s how it went down and we decided it was a great title!

Tell us a bit about the movie? Does it have a specific story line or is it more of a showcase of absolute bangers?

Henrik – Absolute bangers – that’s the storyline! You can watch it again and again!
Phil – Yeah its absolute bangers and if you want a story line in your head, just understand that we put a lot of work into when we ski, so the storyline is just us skiing with so much effort put in! Motivated people to motivate you to go skiing!

For those that don’t know, tell us a bit about the name of the film? Why Be Inspired?

Phil – It was in Andorra we were speaking on the phone with Iberg and Henrik trying to put together titles and Henrik and I always call our previous edits B&E – ‘being yourself', so I just dropped be inspired – Henrik was stoked, Iberg was stoked so yeah I think that’s how it went down and we decided it was a great title. There are a lot of people that talk about doing it but not a lot that do it so you gotta be inspired to make it happen you know!

Your previous movies, The Education of Style, The B&E Movie and Let it Flow have such a distinct style, not just from the riding of Henrik and Phil but from the soundtrack and the editing, is this something we can expect for Be Inspired movie too?

Henrik – In a way yeah we are going to stay true to what we believe in and as far as soundtrack goes we are just doing the soundtrack that we think fits our skiing and our styles the best. Phil - We update the formula. We have certain formulas but we update it with the times, the skiing style is elevated, the editing style is elevated but we are still BDog and Edollo!

Why a 2 year project?

Henrik – switch it up a little bit, the formula – has a little bit more time because originally I was supposed to do the Real Snow the first year so we knew it was going to be tight but mainly we both just wanted more time to really put together a masterpiece and that wasn’t enough with one season so even if one of us got to film or ski for two years – we had two years of planning!

What made you decide to work with Raekwon, Kabaka Pyramid and

Phil – Iberg asked us for our number one choice of artist, he had the connection with Walshy Fire and we were just going to shoot for the moon and try and aim for our favourite artists so that’s basically a blend of all our favourite reggae and hip hop artists and that’s the one that answered to our call! Iberg and Wlashy fire put it together!

Is there any specific spots in the movie that really stand out for you? If so why?

Henrik – Nah no specific places really. Awesome we got to get both Sweden and Quebec in which are big parts of our homelands so that was cool! Every spot we went to was amazing, going to Utah and Joss Christiensen’s cabin was a very awesome experience! Everywhere we went was amazing! When we were together it was the best! 
Phil – For me it was for sure, Quebec when Brady came. I have never been there and it’s a place up north I have always wanted to go do and it went amazing. Then we went to my hometown and stayed there in my house and it made it just so easy to get around and the three of us were all working towards the same purpose so it made it so easy and so right! So that was the most fun for me!

What have you been doing in the run up to the release of the movie? How has the off-season been treating you?

Henrik - Been good! I spent all of July and August in Quebec with Phil and Iberg just editing the movie, and all we did was editing and all kinds of exercises. Phil was rehabbing his knee so it was motivating to see how much work he was putting into coming back to skis like he was before, which he definitely will and that made me want to push it that much harder myself. And being healthy like last year I was coming off injury too so it’s a little different rehabbing from injury and being healthy and preparing for next season! It was nice this year to be healthy and feel like I could go all in with any strength or exercise, trying to get as strong and prepared as possible for next season!

Has there been a point in the past two years of filming where you felt completely outside of your comfort zone? Was there any seriously gnarly spots or moments?

Henrik – Definitely some spots that were gnarly but non of the spots were out of our capabilities – definitely you were scared like the first time you hit a jump no matter how big or small it is or thinking about what trick you are going to do its always going to be a little bit scary to throw a trick the first hit and you never know how big the jump is or how big you are going to go on the jump and same with urban spots you don’t know how well its going to slide but I think we definitely had injuries during these two years but I think we were very smart and thinking about health and trying to be as smart as possible during the whole time. 
Phil – Like Henrik said – the comfort zone, you always get our your comfort zone most of the time, just because when you are filming for a new project you are going to try do something new, you are going to try out do yourself from the previous year, you are going to try do it a certain way you have never done so you most certainly are not going to be comfortable but that’s the whole point in film making!
Henrik – and I feel like we both are in love with adrenaline, the rush, or overcoming your fear, overcoming something that is out of your comfort zone is so amazing and so rewarding!

The B&E Invitational has grown and grown each year into one of the most exciting events on the global ski calendar, can we expect to see any footage from the event in the movie?

Maybe a little bit! From the course there is some footage, but unfortunately the first week it was the first week I was coming back from breaking my collar bone so I was taking it a little easier but we were still able to ski together and shoot some, and then this year was right after Phil hurt his knee so for it to be in the movie we wanted it to be together and have the ‘together’ feel, and unfortunately that was not the case which is the reason why we didn’t put too much in.

Which other ski movies are you really looking forward to seeing this autumn?

Henrik – Really looking forward to The Big Picture, The Bunch, Tanner’s film obviously but we got to see that last week! And I got to see the good company so I’m just stoked to see them all! 
Phil – Yeaah stoked to see things coming from Hornbeck, Ahmet….!

Plans going into this winter?

Drop knowledge! I wanna ski as good and as much as I can, stay healthy for the whole season, ski with my friends, hopefully get a lot of sunny and snowy days, lots of raining, no crowded days! And competing a lot this year! Lots of exciting contests!