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Images from the 2021 Skateboarding Street League Series in Salt Lake City, Utah August 26-28th

Behind the Board with Rayssa Leal

Sep 172021

Brazilian skateboarder Rayssa Leal is making history at 13 years old and having fun while doing it. After winning a silver medal in Women's Street at the 2020 Summer Olympics, dominating Stop One of the SLS Championship tour, Rayssa is currently ranked #2 in World Skate Women's Skateboard Street and isn't stopping there. What's next for this viral skate sensation? Check it out below.



Rayssa, you won Women’s Street at SLS Salt Lake City, how do you feel?

Wow, I was so happy. Not only for winning, but for being able to land the kickflip frontside boardslide.






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What inspired you to start skateboarding?

I got a skateboard for my birthday and as soon as I put it on my feet and started walking I already liked it. And what made me continue is the positive energy I feel from skateboarding. It's amazing.


Your Insta Bio says: “If you can dream you can make it.” How did you make your dreams a reality?

You have to take responsibility. Anything can happen with a lot of dedication and training. Besides, of course, I'm doing what makes me happy.


The crowd’s cheering, you hear your name announced, it’s your time to shine. What goes through your mind right before you begin?

I am very happy to see so many people supporting me and especially in seeing that there are many girls starting in the sport.


Any new tricks you’re working on? What's your favorite trick so far?

Oh, I'll always try new tricks. I'm still training, let's see if I can show you something new in the next SLS.






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You conquered the 2020 Olympics, getting a silver in Women’s Street, and now dominated Stop One of the SLS Championship Tour. What’s next?

Now is to focus on the next steps of SLS, continue to do my best.


What’s your pump-up routine before you compete?

I put on a playlist with my favorite songs. I have fun with the girls who are there competing too. When there are cheers, I interact with them. All this support makes me very excited.


How do you train for these events?

I train at the skatepark in my city with my parents always watching and giving me tips to improve. And Felipe (my brother) too.


You’re skating with legends, and now you’re one too. What’s it like to train and be around all these skaters?

For me, it's a dream to be next to so many skaters that I admire. After all, I get inspired by them. I feel at home, skateboarding is like a family to me.


You’re 13 and crushing it in the skate world, you’re a huge influencer to young skate generations. What would be your advice to them?

First, go buy the right skateboard. It is important to start riding with a good quality skateboard and not a toy skateboard. Second, remember it's for fun. We're kids, and the fun has to come first.