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Ben Hatchell during the 2016 Vans Skatepark Series Contest in Huntington Beach, California

Ben Hatchell Takes 2nd Place at the Vans Pro Skate Park Series

Jul 302016

Monster Energy congratulates team rider Ben Hatchell for taking second place at the Vans Pro Skate Park Series competition in Huntington Beach. Battling a severe shoulder injury and a field of the world’s best park skaters, the 26-year-old form Houston, Texas, put together a no-holds-barred final run to qualify for the first-ever park terrain World Championships in Malmö, Sweden on August 20, 2016. Also making the cut, Monster Energy team rider Lizzie Armanto secured a strong second- place finish in the women’s division on Tuesday against the female park skateboarding elite..

Held in conjunction with one of the world’s largest action sports festivals – the Vans US Open of Surfing – the Vans Pro Skate Park Series event attracted thousands of spectators to the Huntington Beach waterfront. The skateboard park competition on the custom-built concrete Vans skate park saw over 100 of the world’s best park skateboarders compete for the final chance to qualify for the world championships in Sweden.


Making the cut today, Ben Hatchell insisted on competing after being sent to the hospital to treat a displaced shoulder. His highest-scoring final run featured a backside 540 in the pool corner, feeble grind to fakie on the extension followed by a Caballerial to disaster and frontside lipslide on the extension, frontside feeble grind in the pool corner and kickflip frontside air over the hip, frontside air to revert on the volcano and a highly technical blunt to kickflip fakie in the deep end for a 89.10 point score and the second place trophy. 


Competing against the world’s best female park skateboard riders, 23-year-old Lizzie Armanto from Santa Monica won second place in the women’s division on Tuesday by covering the Vans Pro Park Course with fast lines and difficult tricks, holding her own against surprise winner Hanna Zanzi in first place. Her second-place run featured backside lipslide on the pool extension, frontside 5-0 grind through the deep end corner followed by a hand plant and a backside air, ollie over the spine into the corner, frontside hand plant on the extension, and a frontside stalefish for an 81.31 point score. Freshly qualified for the World Championships in Malmö, Armanto now has the chance to make history as the first women’s park skateboarding world champion on August 20.


Also skating strong this weekend and closely missing the podium, Monster Energy’s Tom Schaar brought the heat to Huntington Beach with stacked runs featuring huge stalefish tweak airs on the extension, alley-oop judo across the channel, backside smith grind on the pool wall, backside crossbone air, backside 540 in the deep and backside 360 air to fakie for 84.45 points and 4th place. Powered by today’s score, Schaar will be advancing to the World Championships on the strength of his performance at previous Vans Pro Skate Park Series events this year. Also skating well in the finals today, Curren Caples finished in 7th place with a highly difficult frontside kickflip in the deep end, frontside blunt on the extension, ollie to 5-0 grind on the pool wall, frontside nosegrind pop-out and crossbone air over the hip for a 77.47 point score.