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A Monster Energy preview of the 2022 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

BettyLou Sakura Johnson Wins Vans US Open Of Surfing

Aug 082022

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


Confucius said that. Smart dude. Probably why his words have endured long enough for people like BettyLou Sakura Johnson to put them to work.


Earlier this year, BettyLou fell off the Championship Tour at the hands of the WSL’s new and controversial mid-year cut. Was she disappointed? Sure. Who wouldn’t be? But deterred? Hardly. The young Monster team rider pulled herself up from the defeat and got back to work.


Never was that more evident than at the 2022 Vans US Open Of Surfing, which saw BSJ masterfully navigate the unpredictable conditions at the biggest Challenger Series event of the year. Whether it was double overhead hurricane swell or knee-high Huntington Hoppers, she surfed heat after heat with quiet confidence until she found herself on finals day facing Sofie McColloch in the semis.


The Hawaiian prodigy put her lively board in all the right places, delivering a contest-best 15-point heat total over the Australian.


BettyLou then paddled out for the final against Macy Callaghan, feeling like the eyes of the world were on her — and they kinda were. The stadium-like atmosphere of the Huntington Beach crowd, the redlining webcast. Would the weight of the moment crush her? You already know the answer. BettyLou stayed very busy, catching an astonishing 10 waves during the heat. And with that rhythm and her opponent on the ropes, she clinched the win with 12 points over Macy’s 10.4.


BettyLou now finds herself leapfrogging the CT qualification line, sitting at fourth on the Challenger Series, itching to get back into the big show.


Confucius would be proud. (We sure are). 







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