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Beyond Medals Relapse edit

Dec 092021

When Betty Ford, wife of the 38th American President Gerald Ford revealed to the US media that she had a problem with alcohol in the 1970s, she probably didn’t expect that a crew of Scandinavian snowboarders would one day sample her voice for an edit. Nor did she expect that she would appear emblazoned on a hoodie on their online shop. 

“Good afternoon, I’m Betty Ford, and I’m an alcoholic”, runs the teaser to Relapse, a provocative strapline for the newest release by the Beyond Medals crew.  

“My older brother Andreas is part owner of Superstudio and he has been helping out with the intros for a while. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to be old people in a rehab center since our last movie was called Betty Ford”, Kevin Backstrom told us. 

“Superstudio set everything up and a few weeks later we shot in the mansion for 21 hours straight. We were mind-blown when they came out with the final intro”. 

If you enjoyed their recap of the Copenhagen Open, edited to house music and with a distinct penchant for the lifestyle footage that every skateboarder grew up imitating, then this will probably tick a few of your boxes. In the edit Kevin Backstrom includes plenty of behind-the-scenes boozy antics. 

But don’t be fooled into thinking that the partying and good times detracts in any way from the snowboarding. For all involved, the level of snowboarding on offer is, as always, next level! 

Sebbe de Buck comes in hot with some heavy tricks and stomping the huge road gap, followed by  Tor Lundstrom showing off a variety of manoeuvres with some technical grabs and a fair few slams along the way.  

“Tor’s mctwist on that one hip jump in Laax was just crazy to see. Pretty much the whole of Luddes season was insane to watch, so impressed and proud of him”, said Kevin. 

“We built this crazy gap jump in Riks that Sebbe was down to hit and he first tracked that thing perfectly. No-one else was down to hit that thing before he went”.

Obligatory hill bomb slams and wild rooftop antics are followed by Ulrik Badertscher and Rene Rinnekangas, coming in hot after the release of his Sugared edit. Ludvig Billtoft is out in the streets finding some impressive rail spots, transferring between handrails, through tricky kinks, as well as taking on backcountry like a boss.

It must be said, it seems unlikely that whoever designed street furniture in the outline of a mountain did not have snowboarding in mind. Who are these architects, and did something turn them on to snowboarding? 

“We had the first screening in Stockholm, Sweden. It was so fun to see all the homies come out for that one. Sweden doesn’t have the biggest snowboard scene but it was nice to see that we could get a nice group of people together to celebrate the premiere of Relapse and The Uninvited III for a night”, Kevin told us. “Sage, Judd, and Jamie came out for that one as well so we had to show them the best sides of Stockholm from Thursday-Monday. It was a long recovery process after that one”. 

Relapse is supported by Monster Energy, LAAX, Bataleon, Nitro, Riders Hotel, Shed, and Junkyard, as well as the good folks at Superstudio who provided the introductory skit. It was premiered in Stockholm and LAAX. 

Here’s to shredding with your best friends, sharing videos together and good times!