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Sam Lowes at the 2016 Grand Prix of The Americas

Beyond the tracks with Sam Lowes at CatalanGP

Jun 082016

We caught up with Sam Lowes before the CatalanGP to find out about his pre-race prep and what he gets up to in his spare time.

Monster Energy Chats with Sam Lowes

What do you get up to in the run up to a MotoGP?

We meet the team and plan for the weekend, understand the tyres, the bike and the plan for FP1 FP2. I try and stay relaxed and not think too much about the race. At the race you are in a different world and so I try not to get into that too early.

During an event, is there any downtime for you? What do you get up to?

From Friday you’ve got all that information from the team. All weekend you are in the bubble, thinking about the next session, how to improve the bike and yourself, who is going fast, who is not… the whole situation of the weekend. I am good at relaxing but do think about racing all weekend, that’s no problem for me though, as I like to think about it.

Alternatively how do you focus for the race that day? Do you have any lucky charms/ funny superstitions?

I’ve been through a few things but the Motogp weekend is a big one, there are so many things that you can’t control. In the warm up I’m relaxed and even between that and the race I don’t get into the zone too really as too many things can be changed. Once I put my helmet on, not many people can get to me, I narrow it down to that time in order to really get into race mode. Once in race mode, I can be snappy though, it can go either way, I can shout or cry…..but that’s normal I think.

Do you have some epic tracks you listen to pump up?

Honestly, if I tell people the sort of songs I listen to I would have no friends or followers anymore! A bit of charts stuff but I won’t divulge more than that as I’m too embarrassed! I am probably the next person for Britain’s got talent though as in the shower I can sing very well… no one can hear me but I’m good!

What does a weekend off look like for you?

I go to my brother’s (Alex Lowes) races, or I just relax at home. I also play a lot of golf, motorbike racing and golf is like black and white and that’s why I like it so much. It’s low paced and quiet and you have to be gentlemanly… the opposite of Sam Lowes!

Who’s the best character in the paddock?

I have been a fan of Rossi since I was a kid, the last two years especially, I’ve spoken quite a bit with him and I’ve visited the ranch. In my opinion, it’s hard not to respect the guy and feel his character when you’re around him. I think he brings that onto the whole paddock, it’s a good feeling for everyone. This is a great paddock though, I could list many…. my team are also fantastic!

 Who’s the party animal of the pack?

What, separate from me, or including me? ……

Any final night party antics you can reveal?

I haven’t had the room to celebrate before but if the season carries on like this, I think we will have a lot more stories to tell.

Favourite Monster girl?

Olivia…., I will probably get in trouble now…..