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The Ballito Pro, South Africa

Beyrick De Vries Three-peats at the Monster Energy Zigzag Expression Session

Jul 012018

The Monster Energy Expression Session presented by Zigzag in association with Von Zipper just blew up at the Ballito Beach this weekend.

Beyrick 'three-peats' to take out South Africa’s premier Expression Session for the 3rd year in a row taking home a cool 30K Rand cheque and the adoration of a packed Ballito beach.

Immediately following the final of the WSL Ballito Pro, the 10 invited best South African surfers took to the water for this 45 minute free surf froth fest session that pumped up the beach vibes big time. As soon as the horn blew the crew were hucking airs and an early leader for the single best move winner was Matty McgiIlivray for an upside down Club sandwich. He then upped it with a solid backhand air reverse and had his hands on the prize. Jordy Maree then telegraphed a massive Alley Oop that had the beach on it’s feet and hooting. As the clock ticked down it was Beyrick De Vries who lives just down the road who took a close win with a full rotation air reverse into the flats. The prize was his yet again. 

“The Monster Energy expression session at Ballito is always a bit gnarlier than you might think. It’s not 10K or 20K Rand its 30K rand so it’s a massive prize. So it really gets you as focussed as a QS heat you know. I always take it really seriously and I'm just really grateful to come out on top again. Big up to Monster for putting so much in. Stoked bru!” - Beyrick De Vries.