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The Ballito Pro - South Africa


Jul 032016

Beyrick De Vries decided 2016 was the year he was going to find the love for surfing again. Instead of rolling through the gruelling Australian contest leg at the start of the year he de-camped to the wilds of Mozambique for some much needed contest detox.

 The aim for the year was to just do a few comps at home and the big 10000 WSL events just enough to keep his seeding for the following year. So far the plan is more than working. This last week in Ballito the WSL big boys came to town for the first 10000 event of the year. Beyrick won three heats on the bounce knocking out a variety of World Tour competitors along the way with a huge bag of tricks. The momentum was building with Beyrick and the beach fans had a firm favourite. Saturday morning at the Ballito Pro dawned to a huge swell with story conditions and the contest called on only with the help of jet ski assist. 

The biggest heat of the contest was the mouth watering match up for Beyrick again fellow South African WT titan Jordy Smith. No big airs and new school moves in the ocean today - this battle would be won by solid lines and monster turns. Beyrick opened up with an incredible near perfect 9.73 in the double overhead conditions. Not to be outclassed Jordy then stomped out a 9.6. It was game on. Beyrick’s second scoring ride was an 8 point ride for a monstrous first section hit and solid closeout jam. Incredible. Jordy then just came up short of the 8.5 he needed for the win. Beyrick held priority for the last 5 minutes and came to the beach victorious in what must be one of the greatest heats in South African surfing history. 

“Jordy has always been a Goliath to me. He's incredible and I'm just so grateful to be able to take him out. By far the biggest heat win of my life.” 

And not just a heat win. This was a titanic battle of epic surfing that will go down in the record books as one of the best ever in South African surfing.