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Monster Energy at the BlankFile and Violent Chapter concert

BLANKFILE – ONE IS ALL. The story behind the story.

Mar 182018

We talked a bit with guys from BF. They brought us emotions, which we want you to feel now..

“This video and song are a story about one phenomenal story - hardcore. The heart of this story knocks in a man who has remained attached to all sub-cultures and found the formula that anger, dissatisfaction and apathy channel into love, effort and respect. Although the main idea is to get to know our hero today through the video and song, indirectly, this is a story about each of us who found this "one" that arouses the most sincere emotions and for which we are ready to push forward and when everything else disappears. This story hit the "wire" of everyone in the band, it gave us the motive to work even better and remind us who we are and why we are in this story. It remains to be seen whether we have transferred this emotion to you too..”