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Pictures taken at the recent BMX Jam in Kharkiv supported by Monster Energy

BMX day in the heart of Ukraine’s street riding

Jul 312019

Once again, Kharkiv proves to be the largest and the most authentic BMX scene in Ukraine. You can always expect some sort of Kharkiv magic when all the locals come together at one spot. Add some more shredders from Odessa, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhzhia, invite Monster Energy riders Max and Igor Bespaliy’s on their home turf - and you’ll get perhaps the best Ukrainian street event from the past few years.

The agenda is simple: come to the spot, send it, collect your cash. Five locations were distributed across the city - every new spot delivered a bit more madness, than the previous. We didn’t have to wait too long for the rampage though - full send has commenced on the intro spot already. We’ve dropped the jaws from whips + spins variations from Roma Urgaliev, bars and tucks in one air from Artem Bakhchedzhi and, sure thing, that epic battle for the downstair whip from Vova Krasukov. Next spot, XATOБ, was taken over by the Odessa dudes - one epic combo with nosemanual 180 bar from Bakhchedzhi plus halfcab whip drop from Uragaliev and the spot is shut down. 


Next up: the most recognizable Kharkiv spot, backyard banks. Here’s where the genuine Kharkiv BMX spirit has resurrected. We’ve started witnessing roof gaps and roof drops, while some savage has performed a peg chicken barspin drop from the rail of a football gate. Apart from that, conjoint barspin gap between neighboring roofs from Krasukov and Bakhchedzhi will stay in the spot’s history. Fighting for the huge uprail on the following spot was something for just a few from the crowd, but still some perfect double pegs combinations (like T-bog or tucks) from Sergey Gal have been recorded as well as an ultimate double peg hard whip from the unstoppable Mr. Krasukov. The most of the attention, however, was captured by the wooden info-stand, located way to close to the rail, eventually absorbing every second rider during his grind attempt.

Another pleasure was an avenue BMX takeover, while transferring from spot to spot. At some point, passing cars have formed a row to escort the BMX crowd safely to the next destination.

To call it a day, we’ve arrived to a secret spot on the abandoned ditches outside of the city. Vast banks, few riding obstacles and one perfect sunset. Here is where the awarding ceremony has occurred, as well as a signature session with Bespalyi bros on cool Monster Energy posters and a BBQ. A day for the books. Thanks everyone for participation!