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Lost in BMX series, new episode taking place in Porto, Portugal

BMX Day Special: “Above Below” Translated

Jul 282020

This year’s BMX day in Kyiv has somewhat challenged the love to what we do. It began showering straight from the very first spot up until the morning. Not everybody managed to adapt and transfer to Gavan Skatepark, but those who did went all in! Much respect for that!

The sense of shared vibe, emotions, foolishness and smiles all around made us wonder - what is that binds us that much, what do we have in common, that we are so united in this very moment? It can’t be just for bicycles.

“Above Below” documentary, creation of Monster Energy and the maestro Rich Forne, comes through the mind straight away. The video is far from being new, but we believe the ideas vocalized inside it are universal for any point in time. The documental part itself, “Below”, structures very definitely the outlook, emotions, feelings and challenges of a rider. Wisdom delivered by Monster BMX athletes Dakota Roche and Dan Lacey, featuring their ex-teammates Nathan Williams and Benny L.

While weekend memories are still burning inside, it seems like a good idea to rewind the important things and reflect on some aspect of the movie. To make this a deep dive, we have collaborated with Kyiv BMX rider Eugene Tymoshenko to translate and voice-over the whole thing.