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Photos taken during Infogamer gaming event held in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 2018.

Booming era of Online Gaming In India

Jan 102019

Is online gaming the wave of sports for the future? Let's find out...

Who is Gaming? 

While the stereotype of a teenager glued to a console might be the public perception of gaming, the fact is that the average age of a gamer in India is between 30 and 35 years old. However, when you bring into consideration the online gaming community, the average age will drop into the mid-20's as the younger generation fully embraced the potential of the internet.

While Mom and Dad grew up shooting caterpillars and chasing ghosts, they raised their children to love digital entertainment. Instead of passing the gaming craze down to the next generation, they actually helped the online gaming world to explode.

What are the 5 Most Popular Games?


Right now, the most popular games found across the internet are League of Legends with its 27 million active participants, DOTA 2--an intense battlefield experience, and the rapidly dominating PlayerUnknown's Battleground--or PUBG for short. Counter-Strike – Global Offensive continues to sate the need for first-person shooter games while Rocket League fuels the love for soccer and speed combined. Tournaments are held worldwide in public arenas while professional eTeams--often sponsored by familiar product names like Monster Energy--go head to head in games that can last for days.