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Goodwood FOS Saturday

Bringing the noise to Goodwood 2017

Jul 042017

Goodwood Festival of Speed is without a doubt, one of the most prestigious motorsport and automotive gatherings in the UK. With stands and exhibitions from every manufacturer you could imagine, as well as hill climb races, action sport shows, and tyre slaying two- and four-wheel demonstrations it’s a pretty tough choice knowing what to check out first.


To mix things up even more, we brought an all-out full throttle, tyre-smoking invasion of athletes including drift legend Steve Baggsy Biagioni and his brand spanking new 1200hp Nissan GT-R, along with professional fun-haver Vaughn Gittin Jr with his Mustang, and off-road racer Casey Currie’s awesome Pro2 truck, driven by his brother Cody. In the action sports stakes Sam Reynolds was also on hand, throwing down epic tricks in the GAS arena. This year also boasted appearances from 15-time Isle of Man TT winner Michael Dunlop and four-time Speedway World Champion Greg Hancock.

This first day of #GoodwoodFOS hosted the Battle Drift 2 premiere featuring a one of a kind showdown between Baggsy's new GT-R and drift icon Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini Murcielago. At the premier Baggsy told us: “It’s a dream come true to be a part of a production like #BATTLEDRIFT; and then to be able to premier it at The Goodwood Festival of Speed. I’ve had an amazing time running my GT-R up the hill too – it’s a privilege to share the space with all of these legendary cars and drivers; not to mention bringing drifting to a fresh audience.”


Having headlined the first Battle Drift episode, Vaughn was proud to see the franchise he started take on a new protagonist, and echoed Baggsy’s words by saying: “BATTLEDRIFT 2 is really cool! I really enjoyed launching that franchise in Japan with Daigo last time out. It’s just cool to see Baggsy with his new build, it was entertaining. Who doesn’t love the sound of the Lambo and seeing it being chased by a v8, fire spitting beast that is Baggsy’s GT-R. It was great! I’m just pumped to be working with a company that not only passionately loves cool shit but also supports our sport of drifting and has done so prior to it getting all the attention and being as big as it is now”

Speedway World Champion, Greg Hancock dropped by the Monster compound too and told us: “The festival as a whole is always a blast, and the GT-R takes things to a new level. My kid watches a lot of vlogs online and so he got really stoked when he saw BATTLEDRIFT with the GT-R too. That thing is badass, the fact that we can be a little bit closer to it and get to experience it thanks to Monster, just makes it that much better. I’m a huge fan.


“Every time I come I get more and more excited, I want to spend more time here because there’s so much nostalgia, showing the past, present and future. They’ve got rad bikes, rad everything and way too much to see”

Wrapping things up perfectly, Cody Currie said: “It’s been absolutely amazing! Literally one of the most fun events I think I’ve ever been to! It’s not often you get to drive an off-road race truck up a hill climb on asphalt, then get to do a forest rally section that’s the narrowest roads I’ve ever raced on and then I get a full off-road park to myself with jumps, huge berms, huge banked corners all to myself with whatever I wanted to do and get treated like royalty the entire time.”


Make sure you check out the exclusive photos from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, and keep it locked with us here, and on Facebook, to find out where our athletes will be shredding the tread next.