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BYNDXMDLS | Vacation Forever Interview

Sep 292016

It’s the winter of 2013 and Kevin Backstrom has just been booted from the Swedish national snowboard team for sending it to the moon and his best mate Tor Lundstrom followed suit in protest. The 2 young rippers from Gothenburg Sweden headed out to push new boundaries and decided to film a web series documenting the life of an upcoming snowboarder, BYND X MDLS was born. 

Present day and the 4th volume of the acclaimed series has dropped on TW Snow whilst the boys are currently wrapping up the final clips for ‘Vacation Forever’ their 2nd feature length film. We took the opportunity to catch up with Kevin & Tor to get an insight into what it’s like to ride and party with the BYND X MDLS crew.

We Can’t wait to show you guys what we have been up to in the movie!

How did the idea for Beyond Medals come about and who thought of the name?

We wanted to make a webseries following us on the way to the Olympics. We didn't take it too serious and we wanted to make fun of it in our own way and so we did. Then Kevin got kicked of the national team and Tor left because of that. If we look back at it now that was probably the best thing that could ever happen to us. Now we can do what we love, film with the homies instead of competing. Diggles came up with the name, thanks Diggles!

The intro’s for BYND X MDLS are always something we look forward to when a new series drops. Who comes up with those ideas and what’s been your favourite one?

Thank you! We all come up with different ideas and then we just pick the one we like the most. Kevin’s brother Andreas has been helping out a lot with them, so thanks a lot Andreas! The favourite one to shoot was probably the last one. We were filming in the king of Sweden's old summer house in old fancy costumes, drinking, having a good time.

BYND MDLS has been filmed all over the world, what’s been your favourite location to ride over the past 4 years?

Every place really has its own charm but our top 3 is Laax, switzerland. Asahidake, Japan and Sochi, Russia.

And the best place to party?

Mother Russia yo!

Vacation Forever is your 2rd feature length film. What’s it like filming for a film versus just the series, do you need a tonne more shots or is the series more B roll and lifestyle now?

Last years movie was just a recap of all the best shots from the series. This year we have saved all the best shots for the movie. It’s kind of hard because you still wanna put out a good episode but our main focus this year has been the movie. So yes the episodes has been more b shots and lifestyle but we are still stoked how they all came out. Can’t wait to show you guys what we have been up to in the movie.

You’ve gone from just the two of you riding in series 1 to a fully-fledged crew including fellow Monster teammate Sebbe De Buck. Is this an organic growth or had you always planned to include some more dudes?

We didn't really have a plan when we started it all we just went out and filmed. For this year we were able to bring some of the homies along and thats always more fun! We wanna keep it like that from now :) The more the merrier!

You guys are off on tour to show the world Vacation Club in October alongside Halldor & Sage’s new project and Eiki’s solo project, are you guys hyped?

Hell yeah! Can’t wait to see their movies. Had a blast last year touring with the Helgasons, hopefully goldenboy Sage can keep up!

What city puts on the best premier? Which country has the hottest girls? What’s the gnarliest thing that happened on the 2015 tour?

Ohh dont know if we remember this right but Prague and Riga was pretty of the hook?! This kook was dancing without a shirt in Prague so Halldor started milking his titties and Eiki got beaten up for it. That was pretty gnarly.. Sweden has the hottest girls no doubt.

What can the world expect from BYND X MDLS in 2017?

Secret :)

You’re also dropping a clothing line, ‘Vacation Club’. Can you tell us a bit about it and where/when we can cop it?

We have been thinking about making clothing brand for a long time now. This summer we finally made it happen and our first collection is coming out 8th october over at

Any shout outs?

Shout out to you guys at Monster for always having our back since day 1! Without you guys we wouldn't be where we are today and thanks to everybody else who helped us out we love you all!

For info on when Vacation Forever film will premier in a country near you check out and keep a close eye on for more info on Vacation Club.