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Event imagery taken at the third stage of the Romanian Drift Championship that took place in Rarau, Romania. We also had a local drift athlete in the event, Calin Ciortan that won 1st prize.

Calin Ciortan dominated the competition at the 3rd stage of the Romanian Drift Championship

Jul 212017

In spite of the impediments that occurred during the stage, Calin Ciortan manages to rank first in the third stage of the Romanian Drift Championship, which took part in the only touge route in Romania, namely the one on Transrarau, Pojorata.
With 30 drivers at the start line, Romanians and foreigners alike, the stage was setup to be an adrenaline packed one and it surely did not disappoint.

Just like in the past editions, the mountain asserted its own weather conditions – this led to the cars’ adherence to change from one lap to the other, thus contributing to a whole set of settings changes done by the drivers and their tech teams. “Rarau does not forgive” – a teaching that the track vets know and cherish – has been literally heard every day of the competition each time the pilots kissed the wall or accidentally bumped each other. Less fortunate incidents also came up, so some of the pilots had to make a push and fix their cars in due time, while others had to use their team mates’ cars so they could finish the competition. Calin also kissed the wall, but luckily his team mates are very professional about their jobs so he got back on track blazingly fast. Here’s what he had to say after two days with four seasons, literally:

“As usual, Bucovina gave us a superb circuit here in Rarau, action packed with adrenaline. After my outing in the decor last year, event that put me on hold for 2 weeks, i thought i was going to flip when I saw that I was about to kiss the wall again, and not even that far away from the spot that I crashed in last year. The impact was minimal though, so we recovered in no time. As usual, I want to thank everybody involved in this stage, Romanian Drift community and the local organizer, that made this incredible stage possible.”

After a smoked packed edition filled with incredible maneuvers, Calin Ciortan is the new leader in the stands with 220 points, followed by Sorin Ene with 215 points, Vlad Stanescu with 184 points and Traian Buse with 178 points.

With over 5.000 people on site of the two day competition, we are sure that the pilots’ fans are going to show up in even grater numbers at the next stage that is going to take place in Contanta, between the 5th and the 6th of August at Vivo Mall.