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Drift City 2018 - Cape Town - South Africa

Cape Town gets Smoked Out on Heritage Day | Drift City 2018

Sep 272018

Sunny with a 100% chance of smoke, Cape Town was once again treated to the ultimate drift bring and braai on Heritage day. Bringing together the best drivers and drift enthusiasts from across South Africa and special guest from the UK, Danny Cross.


As Jason Webb put it - "We're braaing tyres today and we like it well done, so we're gonna burn them up!"


Returning to the Grand Parade, where the scenic Cape Town venue sets the scene for the head to head driftkhana battles which kept Cape Town’s petrol heads on their toes and on the edge of their seats. Not only was the "King of Drift City" title on the line, there were also some shiny Gymkhana GRiD Golden Tickets up for grabs for the finals going down in Johannesburg on December 1st.

With a stacked field of 32 of drivers, you know the competition was going to be tight. The technical layout wasn't forgiving either, one error and you could be out. Never mind the amount of drift machines that got sidelined due to mechanical failure. Drivers and pit crews were running at 110% to keep up with the pace and crack that top 16 field. That's where competition started to get really fierce. 



Jason Webb came in hot his Roush Level 3 V8 Supercharged 727HP tire slaying track weapon, with "Speedy" Webb making some good adjustments to the car to handle better on super tight and technical course. Jason unfortunately came into contact with a few cones which penalised him not to advance past the round of 16. 

One of the best things about Drift City is seeing the mix up between the Supadrift Series titans like Jim Mc Farlane with Cape Town legends like Izak Van Zyl who don't often compete in the national series.


In fact, one of the biggest upsets of the day, Izak being the home crowd favourite with his v8 powered Toyota Corolla. Dropping flawless runs all day until he went up against Zaeed Rajah in the top eight. Izak's good fortune caught up with him with one too many 360’s in the washing machine leaving Rajah to take the win.


The last 4 standing were Patrick Tuson, Bronny White, Zaeed Rajah and Jim Mc Farlane. 


With the whips all taking a beating throughout the day, this was the final stretch and all the drivers and crews were holding thumbs that no mechanicals or penalties were coming their way. The first battle in semis was Drift City newcomer Patrick Tuson at his first ever competitive event, vs Cape Town's Bronny White. Tuson unfortunately had a problem with the car and handed the victory to White, sending him into the finals. Next up was Zaeed Rajah against Jim Mc Farlane. The crew spotted a fuel leak on Rajahs car which they couldn't sort in time, thus handing the win to Mc Farlane. 


Final Battle! Johannesburg's Jim Mc Farlane vs Cape Town's Bronny White.

The king of composure, Mcfarlane lay down 2 flawless runs against White, who had a couple connections with the cones adding some unwanted penalties. Without a doubt, this one was 

going to Mc Farlane.


Consistency is key and drift veteran Jim certainly showed the field how it's done. 


Once the smoke had settled, Jim Mc Farlane was crowned the King of Drift City 2018 with Bronny white in 2nd place and 3rd place going to novice and highest qualifier of the day Patrick Tuson. 


Jim Mc Farlane - "The competition was tough, and I'm so happy to see such a large field of 40 odd competitive drivers here today. I'm super excited for the future of drifting in South Africa."