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Images from the 2019 Baja 500 Event in Baja, Mexico

Casey Currie Baja 500 Race Recap

Jun 032019

The Baja 500 was a new experience for the team this year as Casey Currie entered the UTV Class with his brother Cody to race our Can-Am Maverick X3. With a late entry Cody would start the race in the back of the 24 car pack.

The course was brutal from Mile 1 with multiple bottle necks as the race worked its way towards the San Felipe side. At race mile 80, Cody had worked his way up to 7th on course in class. Near race mile 150 we would run into some heating issues as the desert temperatures closed in on the 100º mark. "We had some heating issues on the San Felipe side that set us back on being able to push and some fuses popped during the heat (Radiator needs to be relocated) other than the heat issues, no issues with the Maverick," says Casey. At the halfway mark Casey got into the car and headed off for Mikes Sky Ranch and the beach side of the race. With flawless miles on the coast Casey would cross the finish line 8th in class and 84th overall. "Not a single tire issue all day and tires still look great. Fox put an epic tune on our shocks and I was happy with the car for all 500 miles," states Casey.






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