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Dominick Cruz training photos

Catching up with Dominick Cruz's coach Eric Del Fierro

Dec 152016

Catching up With Coach Eric Del Fierro Dominick Cruz / UFC 207.


How has this camp been?

Camp has been great, Dominick doesn't take too much time off in between fights. So, after a week after his last fight we got right back to training. As for camp itself, the only thing that changes is the intensity about 6 weeks from the fight date. But everything has been going great. 

Did you guys do anything for this one?

We don't change camp structure. Outside of camp we focused on strength and conditioning to build a solid base to prepare for camp.

How long have you worked with Dominick?

About 10 years. I believe I met Dominick back in 2006 when he came to San Diego to fight in a show we were putting on. He had a very tough fight and after that I asked him to come out and train with us.

What makes his fighting different?

Well, it's not that it is different per say, it is that Dominick is always adjusting in a fight and doesn't confine his fighting style to any preset discipline. He knows that in order to beat the opponent he has to make adjustments that keep the opponents one step behind him. Dominick is a student of the game and he is always learning and always evolving. 

What is the most important thing to remember in a fight camp?

The most important thing to remember in camp is REST! Make sure you are resting enough and letting your body recover from the grueling workouts. Listen to your body.

Are there any coaches you look up to?

I respect all coaches and am always studying and learning from others in the field. I look up to my kickboxing coach Miguel Reyes. That is the part of martial arts that I love, the lineage that is passed down from coaches to athletes etc.

Who is the fastest rising fighter in your opinion?

Without a doubt, Conor McGregor!

What is it like being the first ever Monster MMA gym?

That is such a huge honor to be part of  Monster. Knowing all the top athletes and events that Monster supports, it feels incredible to be considered to part of the team! When I see the Monster Claw on our mats it is a reminder that we are one of the best teams in the world!