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Eskimo Callboy during their concert in Cologne.

Catching up with Eskimo Callboy

Nov 102017

Eskimo Callboy are touring the world to perform their new album ‘The Scene’ (Century Media/Sony), which dropped into the world 25th of August 2017.

After a whirlwind Japan tour, they are finally back in Europe and we caught up with Sushi and Kevin from Eskimo before their concert in Vienna last week.


Hey guys, you are traveling a lot at the moment. How was the Japan Tour in September?

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: It was rad! It‘s been our first time performing the new album in Japan. We love to be in Japan. Aside from being on stage, we had an amazing time off stage exploring Japan and all of it’s amazing culture. All together it was very successful and a pleasure to be there again.

You´ve been performing in Germany lately along with Cologne, almost in your hometown. Do you prefer touring around the world or is Germany still exciting for you ?

Eskimo Callboy - Sushi: It`s still exciting with each new record. We basically enjoy touring wherever people are into our music. We don´t prefer specific cities because we are always having a good time!

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: It´s just great to see friends and family when performing close to our hometown, because we are barely able to see them on tour.

According to your tour-plan, you guys are travelling a lot. Is it just getting from A to B or is there still time to enjoy the cities and countries you travel to ?

Eskimo Callboy - Sushi: That depends on our schedule. Most of the time we are able to take a look around. Especially abroad, we don´t have that much to do. We do have some time off after the soundcheck.

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: This has changed though. When we were touring with the Sprinter back in the day, we always had to take off soon. We have the luxury to travel by bus or plane when travelling abroad now. This makes traveling more solid. We are taking off late, go to sleep and wake up in the next destination just the next day.


Let’s talk about your new album: How would you describe the genre of ‘The Scene’

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: The whole genre thing is a bit difficult for us, we never thought about it because we never paid attantion to getting famous with a specific genre. People like to classify music to know what they are listening to.
That‘s the reason why we called the album and a song ‘The Scene.’ We don´t want people to separate from each other because of our music. Seeing themselves, for example as metalcore or hardcore fans, forming groups and separate from each other. We want people to get together because of the music they like.

You guys started to think outside the box when it comes to metalcore and got influenced by pop music. How does that happen?

Eskimo Callboy- Sushi: We listen to different types of music. That’s why we always do what we feel like doing. We experimented a lot, so it develeoped like this. We never took ourselves too seriously belonging to a specific branch. That’s why we got influnced by different styles. Let’s see what our next record is up to.

So, now you reached Austria. You guys had a rad show in Salzburg yesterday and full house in Vienna today. Seems like you cast a spell on Austria too !?

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: We didn´t change a thing here. People keep asking if there are differences between the countries and their people. You might say that Austrians are a bit more critical. You have to convince them. Therefore it is worth so much to have a few people at the shows there. We started with small shows around the year 2012. It was our first time away from home with a Sprinter. We drove to Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt. It´s so important to play gigs. Music works best when performed live.

You will be touring through Europe until the middle of December. How do you calm down and relax after a tour like this ?

Eskimo Callboy - Sushi: We actually don´t. We are pretty jetlagged after touring. We are used to getting up at 2 pm and going to bed at 3 am. In addition to that, sleeping in busses is bad sometimes. Coming home after this, we don´t get our asses up that well. The daily routine kicks in slowly and just like that, you are on tour again.

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: It´s always a bit difficult. We call it the ‘Tour-Mode.’ You get along with less sleep very well, but the body wants to get it back as soon as we are back home. This causes 2 or 3 times of sleeping through the night. We also get more quiet, talk less cause we were used to hang out and talk a lot for a long time. You could call us dead for a view days.

What can we expect from Eskimo Callboy in 2018 ? Are there any upcoming plans ?

Eskimo Callboy - Sushi: We are trying to get a new record done. We also look forward to all the festivals that are yet to come. We had to cut this off a bit because we didn´t release our new record yet. Let´s see what´s up with ‘The Scene’ next year.

Eskimo Callboy - Kevin: Brand new album, we are down for everything ! After touring in all these big cities, we want do play in the small places too. We already have plans for this and keep you updated online.

We are at Rattlesnake at the moment. Do you remember your first merchandise stuff you bought when you take a look around here ?

Eskimo Callboy- Kevin: Oh yes, i remember that. It is pretty embarrassing though. I always ordered my stuff at EMP. The shirt had to look sick, no matter if I knew the band or not. That´s why i decided for a Six Feet Under tour-shirt. The design was maximum violence. A guy with an opean head and his brain was showing. My parents weren’t amused but bought it for me as a Christmas present. Was alright though, I liked the music in the end.

Eskimo Callboy - Sushi: I think mine was a `Korn` Shirt. I used to have everything from Korn. My room was filled with posters and stuff. I guess it was from EMP too. Back in those days, classmates ordered and everybody was down for ordering too.