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Tristan Purdon at Round 4 of South Africa MX Nationals in Springfield, Durban, South Africa


Sep 142016

Leading into the final rounds of the SA MX season we catch up with moto athletes Tristan Purdon & David Goosen on the ups and downs that 2016 has brought to the table so far.


Can you give us a recap on your 2016 thus far…

2016 has been a bit different, I've recently moved to Johannesburg. Going from living on the farm to a big city is quite an adjustment for me.  But the experience is one in a life time. I'm super grateful for being helped out by Russell Thompson and his family and all round it has been great! I can't thank them enough for this opportunity and the support this year.
On the racing side I started racing 450's for the first time and I'm really starting to love that bike. 250's are still a lot of fun though! For the first time in my life I have a personal trainer, I ended up breaking my collarbone back in April but fortunately come back super strong. Shout out to Dylan Jacobsen at 211 Training solutions, He's really been a great help adding the extra edge to racing. I was recently over in Europe to race a few GP's. Now I'm back home hoping to end the year on a high note. 

On the topic of Lommel, how did that go for you?

Hmmm, Lommel is regarded as one of the toughest tracks in the world with it being so sandy and rough. I ended up racing the EMX250 class in a field of 80 with only 40 qualify for the Moto's. I came out lucky to be one of top 40 to qualify for my first EMX250 class. It was definitely a big learning experience, but I took away a lot of positives from that race that will help me out in the future.

What positives did you take away from racing in a different country?

I learnt a lot about myself and gained valuable knowledge of what I need to do to prepare for in the future. The racing out in Europe is a lot harder than SA. The tracks are totally different and there are way more riders to compete against, but it's all in the name of progress right? 

What are your thoughts going into the last 2 remaining rounds of the 2016 local season.

To be honest... My thoughts are that I need to bag a win and nothing is going to hold me back for these two last rounds. I've been working hard and now it's time to shine. I've a had my share of setbacks this year, but now I'm feeling 100% and ready to fight for the win.

Want to share any plans for 2017?

As of now there's not really much to share. But I'm hoping to get the opportunity to head back to Europe again. That's really the dream for me.


2016 has been a little rough for you, could you talk us through some of the ups and downs?

The racing this year has been tough, but overall I'd say more positive than anything, moving to the Yamaha and Tintswalo Out of Africa racing team has been a really good move. The season started out with some great rides and some good wins which was awesome and encouraging for me, then out of nowhere had a pretty big crash. I got kicked over the bars while practicing before the Bloem national and was knocked unconscious for approximately 10 minutes! You don't have to be a doctor to know that's pretty severe, I then of course had to sit out of that national and really just shift my focus to recovering back to that fitness and confidence level I was at.

It didn’t look like you skipped a beat when you were back on the bike. Does the rehab process get any easier with injuries being common place in MX?

Injuries are never good! However they do come and go with the nature of the sport. Personally I find that not rushing my injuries is best for me, it helps my mind process things and when I'm ready, I'm ready. To return with 100% fitness and speed is more important to me rather than returning half assed.

What is it like balancing a full time job and racing at a professional level in MX?

Working a full time job is really tough on me, haha it's not just like a normal desk job. I work in a metal fabrication workshop so a lot of my days are strenuous and hard on the body. To compare it, some race days are a lot easier than a days work! So going racing now is actually fun and doesn't feel like a day at work, it's great to just go out and make the most of it. Career wise, I don't see riding for a living in South Africa a worthwhile venture. I think it's important to find a balance and it's healthy to set your mind on other goals too! As tough as the schedule of riding, training, working and living life in general I really just enjoy what I do, when things get thrown my way I can manage it ok!

Any predictions on the national at Harrismith this weekend?

Harrismith this weekend should be a good one! The track is pretty tough and very different for the riders as we've been mainly riding hard pack tracks lately. So it's a bit of a change to the setup and then it's all good. I'm feeling excited to give it my best in both MX1 and MX2 this weekend.

Got a game plan for 2017 yet?

There are a couple of ideas and prospects lurking around right now, but nothing concrete as we're still underway with the 2016 season. I'm not stressing too hard right now. I've really enjoyed my year thus far with my team and I've got good feelings regarding next year too. I'm sure pretty we'll have some solid plans and goals to work towards a good '17 year and continue to build off what we've achieved this year.