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2016 Nine Knights MTB Day 3

Catching up with Reynolds, Pilgrim and Fredriksson at Suzuki Nine Knights

Sep 092016

With the riding seriously going off here at Suzuki Nine Knights, we caught up with Max Fredriksson, Sam Pilgrim and Sam Reynolds!

everyone is so happy to be here, there is no prize money so that’s all the proof you need that people are stoked to come! Everyone is here and everyone is smiling!

Where do you see Suzuki Nine Knights fitting in, in terms of future progression - only event that changes so drastically each year?

Sam R: I see it way above and beyond, it’s more freestyle – everyone is so happy to be here, there is no prize money so that’s all the proof you need that people are stoked to come! Everyone is here and everyone is smiling! 
Sam P: It’s awesome here, we get to hang out, get 5 course meals, the jumps are really well built, and people are enjoying riding the course, so its rad!

How much bigger can jumps get? Will it be trajectory and angles that change, or is there room for more size?

Sam R: Ask Ethan! 
Ethan: Yea there is always more room to go bigger! Nico Vink will tell you that for sure. 
Max: The goal of Nine Knights is not to go bigger it’s just to send it. It doesn’t have to be 100 feet but just for us to go miles high and enjoy it! 
Sam R: Yea I want to see the sport go bigger rather than more technical. At cool events like Nine Knights you really get to have some airtime which is rad!

Sam, you did the build - how did you come up with the ideas? Favourite sections/ feature?

Sam R: I came here a few months ago to check out the natural hill to try plan what kind of features we could build on it to keep it as natural as possible. There is not really any big piles, everything is already built into a hill which is challenging but super cool.

Max and Sam what’s your favourite/ worst bit of the course? - What do you think of the set up?

Max: The hip without a doubt because you can go as high as you can if you want on it! It’s scary but super safe and well built.
Sam R: That’s cool because the hip was the one thing I was worried about and wasn’t sure if people would like it and people have said that its actually their favourite bit of the course. It’s so cool that loads of different people can have fun on this course, there is something for everyone!
Sam P: Yea the hip is well good, you don’t even go fast and you go 90 ft in the sky! Well cool!

Have you adjusted your bike set up for this event vs any other?

Sam P: Yeah I spent a whole week tuning…… haha no not at all! Got it out the box! 
Sam R: I put my 26 inch wheels on which I think are a bit more fun to throw around in the air, and I pumped my suspension up a bit harder than if I was riding the downhill track because there are big compressions and big landings so the suspension needs to be a bit harder. 
Max: I changed my rear spring?

Are you tempted to try anything new?

Sam R: Yeah there is some sending going on already and I am sure people are going to get more comfortable and go huge! 
Sam P: Yeah been fun so far so just going to do loads of that!

there is some sending going on already and I am sure people are going to get more comfortable and go huge!

How does it differ from last year?

Sam P: It’s smaller than last year, the whole area is smaller, so that’s kind of cool because you can see everything that’s happening from wherever you are standing so it’s cool – super vibey!!

Who are you stoked to ride with / against this year?

Max: Ebay!! Never ridden with him before and he sends it! 
Sam P: yeah Ebay, Timo and all that lot! 
Sam R: Yea I’m actually excited to watch Olly Wilkins! 
Sam P: Oh yeah Olly!! 
Sam R : I always ride with him at home but never get to see him on the big freeride jumps so we are gonna see what he’s got!!!

Predictions for yourself or other riders for the rest of the week?

Sam R : Can’t wait to watch Adolf go mental, can’t wait to watch Ethan spin the big beast, and to see a twister-McJoe
Sam P : and to see Olly backflip the big booter
Sam R : Yeah we need to bully Olly into flipping something which will be sick! If not Nicolay will put a show on!

Which photographers are you looking forward to working with'?

Sam P: I like using my go pro actually! 
Sam R: I actually like playing with GoPro's here too because the scenery is so amazing! But looking forward to working with Mr Shin in some different backdrops rather than just South Africa! 
Max – all of them are new for me so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out!

Which category are you wanting to win/ focus on?

Sam P: Just play and see what happens! Everyone is so wasted at the end no one knows what they are voting for anyways haha! 
Sam R: Yep and get forced to drink beer in your shoe!

Who do you think will party the hardest at the gala night?

Sam P: I’ve quit! 
Sam R: It could go either way! Sam says he’s quit but I actually still believe he will party the hardest! 
Max: haha yea we will get him stoked! Adolf will but he will probably break himself! 
Sam R: The Grom crew are all single – that’s going to be fun!

Who's got the most groupies on insta?

Sam P: I’m better looking so me! Ha I have 88% girls! 
Sam R: absolutely not!