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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kiran Dembla Interview with Monster Energy

Sep 092020

A mother of two, a celebrity fitness trainer, a DJ artist, an enthusiastic mountaineer, a trained photographer and a proud homemaker, Kiran Dembla is the extraordi-naari we all ought to know. She started her fitness journey in her 30s and runs three gyms in her name today. In a candid conversation with us, she spoke about her struggles and achievements. Read on to know her story. 

Your story is not like any other we have heard before. How different were you back then when you were not into fitness? 

I have always been a housewife. I have two kids. My daughter is 21 years old and my son is 17 years old. When I was 33, I got a blood clot in my brain. I used to follow the same routine for so many years after marriage. I underwent the treatment for two years and weighed 76 at that time. It was then that I decided to start my fitness journey. I knew nothing about bodybuilding when I started. 

What have been the biggest challenges you faced during this fitness journey (as a woman, homemaker, and mother)?

Somehow people find it very difficult to accept strong women. My family was the most apprehensive at that time. But when you want to do something, you become stubborn. And like they say, actions speak louder than words; I just followed that mantra. I proved what all I could do with my achievements

A musician turned DJ now, tell us something about that side of Kiran Dembla.

At 42, I did a DJing course. I am a classical singer and I have taught over 100 students. However, I lost my touch when I got married. In 2016 I learned DJing and have been playing worldwide since then. My favorite music is Bollywood and commercial.

What excites you about fitness and bodybuilding? 

Breaking stereotypes and challenging my body. At 37, I decided to have 6 pack abs and I did it. At 45, I train my body differently and it always amuses me with the results. I also love the fact that I am the only bodybuilder in India who has trained the maximum number of men. These achievements keep motivating me and help to keep my spirits high. Honestly, I don’t want to reach anywhere I just want to keep going.

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You have already broken records at 45. What's next for you?

I am working on a project currently. It should be out in 2021 or 2022, and this will be one of my best projects. This will be the one that will tell the world about Kiran Dembla. 

Which is your favorite Monster energy drink and why?

I love all of them. When I am working out and especially when I am running or when I go for photography, I always carry 2-3 cans with me. 

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