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Chad Reed at MotoGP Catalunya

Dec 062016

We caught up with supercross legend Chad Reed at MotoGP Catalunya to talk about MotoGP, MXGP, Vegas and all things Motorsports!

Are you a fan of MotoGP?

Yeah of course! For me I’m a huge fan because I grew up in Australia so in the area in the late 80s 90s with Gardner, Doohan, Gobert and Casy. Road racing was always a part of the weekend you know, like whenever I would be racing and then over night time/ early hours of the morning you will get to see Mick competing for five world championships in a row. Once upon a time I kind of thought that road racing was my ticket out of Australia, to be on the world stage but I start with the dirt bike.

Is it the first MotoGP race you have been to?

This is actually my second European one, I’ve been many times to Phillip Island and also Austin and Laguna Seca. The Europeans ones are more special. You get to see their own environment, the trucks, and the hospitality areas; for me it’s a great time to come to Europe and see old friends and people like that.

Who were you supporting at Catalunya?

Always Valentino! Valentino is a good friend and then Jack Miller is also a great friend but of course if Vale cannot win, as a fan you want to see good racing you know; but yes of course Valentino winning will be the ultimate.

Do you ever exchange riding tips with him (Valentino)?

All the time we talk about it; you know if I’m riding Supercross or Motocross he is always asking me questions and then for me like wise with MotoGP. I enjoy the technical aspect of MotoGP and more that behind the scene stuff we can see. As a racer you understand it, you know, you see what they are changing and what they’re not. It’s actually not as far removed from Motocross as what you think; so yes it is interesting to be in the Garage and see what they are doing and even when you are watching from afar you see the movement, you can understand what they are saying.

While in Italy, will you be heading back to the Ranch to ride with Vale?

Yes I think we’re gonna go there one time, I’m not exactly sure on the date but he has a couples of weeks off here so he’s gonna go on some vacation and we’ll see. Hopefully our schedules will meet and then we can head to the Ranch. I’ve been to the Ranch in 2014 I think, so 2 years ago and it was a lot of fun, riding some flat track was cool because we could all ride dirt bikes and enjoy.

Are you excited to head to England & Italy for the MXGP stops?

I am excited it’s been 15 years since I lasted a GP which is actually quite crazy because it was a year that I looked back on as being one of my most memorable and my favourite that I had. I was 18 years old and just learned so much and had so many close friends. I felt like I was involved in it for much longer than only one year so it’s crazy that it been that long and with doing supercross only allows me to have the summer off and can come and do some fun unique things like MotoGP.

Any Aussie traditions you miss when you are traveling?

I don’t drink beer so my dad’s disappointed at me but anyway. You know I think that Aussie spirit is more the tradition so I think as an Aussie you definitely live life to the full and try to have some fun, everythings light hearted. Of course there is time when you are serious but for the most part try to enjoy the life.

What’s the best thing about the Monster Cup?

It’s an event that’s a kind of stepping stone, you do some testing and then you go to the Monster Cup to see where everybody’s at. Unfortunately the track is not a typical, what we call like a normal Supercross track, normally it’s really fast. For me, I would say the best part is the fact that they put up a million dollars. I think trying to win a million dollars is always fun; but yes I think that it’s a weekend that it’s really about the money and the experience; there are points so it’s kind of all or nothing.

Are you a fan of Vegas?

I like Vegas it’s a lot of fun. That particular part of the year is not that fun for us because it’s November so you’re kind of like transitioning to eating healthy, no alcohol, training, so it’s kind of like a tease really.

Any after party antics you can divulge?

Nothing out of the ordinary I don’t think. If you win; you celebrate I mean it’s the Aussie thing to do if we are talking about Aussie things, it’s the Aussie tradition you know, enjoying life to the full and work hard play hard.

What is the craziest request you had from a fan?

For me probably the one that always catches you off guard is when somebody comes up and they want to ask their girlfriend to get engaged or something like that; you are doing this awkward stand and things like that. Other than that I think it’s quite a unique experience to see somebody that wants to do crazy things. Nothing really surprises me anymore, it seems like right when you think you have seen it all something else happens.

What will be the most memorable podium for you?

I think that most wins are memorable. Everyone always says that the first one is the sweetest. But in my opinion, the first one always comes as a surprise, maybe you expect it but it’s usually like you won it and it’s never something you had before so you are almost in shock, you are so excited that you don’t really know how to react. I think that the more you win the more exited you get and I think that you go through a point in your life where you take it for granted and maybe you don’t win so much; and when you do win I think you appreciate more. The first one is always the sweetest, but when you’re young typically and you don’t really understand what just happen. When you’re older I think you more appreciate it.