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Photoshoot with our band - Chasing The Rise

Chasing The Rise. A proper introduction.

Apr 142017

Recently Monster Energy and a music band called Chasing The Rise have started working together and we would like to introduce them to everyone right now. It’s a 5 man band where Vytis is the vocalist, Tomas is the drummer, Edgaras and Remigijus are the guitar guys and Andrius is all about the bass. We had a short chat with the band and here is what they had to say…

Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Metal - that’s the best way to describe our music

How was Chasing The Rise created?

Our band was born in spring 2012, exactly five years ago in Vilnius. At the start there were 3 people, Vytis, Remigijus and Laisvydas (ex drummer). After a few months Edgaras joined this unnamed band and brought some metal to our music. We had a goal to have a strong core of people for our band and then record our first songs. After 1 year we have released our debut EP “The Dawn”, which was the first ever metalcore album in Lithuania. Soon enough we started doing gigs in Lithuania and even abroad. In 2015 after our drummer left, we have found two new members to our band - Tomas for drums and Andrius for bass. After that we have stayed together and are rocking up untill this day!

Tell us more about your music style.

Chasing The Rise is playing Modern Metal, even though we have been associated with Metalcore a lot in the past. We can say that there is definitely some Metalcore in our songs, but in the most recent days and in our latest album “Chapters” we have added a lot more styles, like Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Metal and that’s the best way to describe our music right now.

What are your upcoming concerts?

On April 22nd we have a gig in Narauti club in Vilnius and on 13th of May we are going to Warsaw for a gig in Voodoo club.

Any plans for the festivals?

At the moment we are in the negotiations with some of the organisers, so no specific information yet.

Where can we find more information about Chasing The Rise?

Most of the updates and news are on our Facebook - also check out our website for our music and downloads here -