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Photos of  Monster Energy drift driver Christos Chantzaras during the second round of National Drift Championship


Jun 082020

Christos Chantzaras gave us his first interview right after the "lockdown"!

2019 was a very strong year for you. Can you give us an overview?

Hi Guys. 2019 was the stronger year of my career so far in motorsports and especially in Drift. With the help of my team and the sponsors that support me, we manage to win our 4th National Drift championship. Also in 2 rounds of European Championship DRIFT KINGS in Modena, Italy and Serres, Greece we won the 1st place in both races. Of course our best moment was the podium at the Gymkhana Grip with the 3rd place in RWD category!

How was your experience at Gymkhana Grid?

GG was an amazing experience. First of all, winning the 3rd place but also fighting in the track with “legends” like Ken Block and Peter Solberg is something indescribable. There is no way to describe the magic and uniqueness of this event with words. I feel very lucky for this experience and I really want to thank Monster Energy for giving me this opportunity.

What is like to “fighting” with the best drift drivers in the world?

The stress is too much till the time I get in the car! From this moment all opponents are the same. However, each battle gave me an experience that makes me better.

2019 also had an many obstacles. How did you overcome them and motivated you to continue towards your goals?

The ideal scenario would be everything goes as we expected, but we all know that this is not possible. I have my family, my team, my sponsors, my fans but also my love for motorsports that giving me the strength and the motivation to overcome any problems and difficulties all these years

Tell a few things about your car. Have you made any changes since last year?

My car as you all know is a BMW M3 E36 turbo, with a full-carbonfiber body kit. We never stop make changes and improvements. For 2020 the major change that we made is to increase the horsepower from 750hp to 850hp.

What changes in your plans for this year with the new situation after lockdown?

My plans were to follow all 6 rounds of European DRIFT KINGS Championship, 3 rounds in National Championship and of course the Gymkhana Grid. With the new situation all of the above have changed. At this moment we can only wait for the PLAN B! A new updated races program, dates and locations.

With the streets almost empty for almost two months, tell us the truth, what was going through your mind?

Seeing the streets empty, many scenarios passed through my mind. Most of the time I wanted to get out, drifting with my car and brake that clam with a lot of noise an smoke!