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Baltic Games 2016 - BMX park finals, Colton Walker in action

Colton Walker rules in his debut at Cropp Baltic Games

Aug 172016

The biggest edition of Cropp Baltic Games went down last weekend in Gdańsk, Poland. After a couple of years of break, all the action sport fans who went up to the Polish coast on August 12-14th, could also watch BMX and MTB dirt contests, apart from the usual rivalry on skateboarding and BMX parks. Monster Energy’s Colton Walker took advantage of it perfectly, not only winning the BMX park contest with the maximum score, but also taking second in the dirt competition!

- I’m super stoked, first year here at Cropp Baltic Games. I did my run, I did what I wanted to do. I had a plan in my head and it worked out. The park was awesome, the set up was perfect. Everything felt really, really good. Transfers and everything you could do, all different tricks, everything a park should have for a contest. I’m super happy to be and ride here, it’s sick and I can’t wait to get back next year - said Colton Walker.

The crowd in Poland in probably one the best crowds I’ve ever been around. Everyone was crazy going nuts just for every trick and every rider, pumping us up cause ultimately we can’t do our jump unless there’s a crowd gets behind us to make it happen.

BMX final results - top 3:

1. Colton Walker - 100 pts

2. Irek Rizaev - 97.66

3. Marin Rantes - 96.16


BMX dirt final results:

1. Dawid Godziek - 86.66

2. Colton Walker - 84

3. Irek Rizaev – 82


MTB dirt final results:

1. Paweł Stachak - 96

2. Marcin Rot - 85

3. Kuba Sidzina – 83.33


Skate final results:

1. Maxim Kruglov - 92.5

2. Justin Sommer - 85.5

3. Douwe Macare - 84.5