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Concrete Dinosaurs Part 1 – Romford Skatepark

Aug 222017

Earlier this year Rune Glifberg, Raven Tershy, Ben Hatchell and Sam Beckett set out exploring some of the UK’s still-standing concrete monoliths of skateboarding’s early days.

These parks bare little resemblance to the parks of today, hear what Rune had to say about designing quality skateparks in the 21st century HERE 

Part 1 of Concrete Dinosaurs focuses on the venerable Romford Skatepark in Essex which has weathered five generations of UK skateboarding history and still stands as a proud testament to the early roots of UK skateboarding culture.

Originally built in 1978, Romford Skatepark, a Grad II listed structure, has witnessed a whole host of carnage from skateboarders from all over the world, transcending it’s four decades of existence.

Rune, Raven, Ben and Sam, alongside a host of UK heads put down in history one of the gnarliest sessions to go down on Rom’s hallowed crusty ground. Check it out below.