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Copenhagen After Open with Stavros Razis and Juan Carlos Aliste

Nov 272021

Year after year, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, dresses up and receives the world’s best skaters in an event called “Copenhagen Open”, where as usual, skate geniuses stay a little bit longer to enjoy the great danish landscapes and take advantage of the calm that this European city brings, leading up to new adventures. Stavros Razis, a Chilean skate legend, and Juan Carlos Aliste, one of the country’s and Latin America’s best skaters, brings a video you just can’t miss.

Welcome to the Copenhagen After Open!

The two weeks after the Copenhagen Open is the best time to find the most impressive landscapes to record pirouettes and jumps in Copenhagen’s best skate spots.

For Juan Carlos Aliste “the Copenhagen Open is one of the best skate events that is carried out during the year”, in the way that “the places to skate are awesome and very varied”.

Our other star, Stavros Razis, couldn’t agree more. “A big part of being a skater is about exploring new places, and in this last decade, visiting Copenhagen had become a tradition, not only for me but also for many skate fans because of the quality of the event. Creating this video fills me with satisfaction and finding places where I can film a trick is the best!”

In September, the team started filming. The amazing final video was created even though the temperature was declining and COVID was still in effect.


“Definitely the pandemic made everything more difficult, from the project approval to making it happen, but one more time, skate gave us a lesson: perseverance, dedication and love for that we like to do the most”, explains Stavros, explaining that the barriers are only in his mind and not the road.

Both Stavros and Aliste had one thing on their mind: What do they want to show in this opportunity? “The most important thing in this video are the places and the different architecture we skated. We traveled by bike and transformed it into an adventure.”




Juan Carlos was not only excited to make the video, but to be with his longtime friend: “I have been friends with Stavros for a long time, and we always have a lot of fun when we travel. It is the best to be skating together.” Stavros feels completely the same assuring that “Juan Carlos is a skater and friend who I profoundly admire. We have shared trips and projects together in the last decade and it is a real pleasure to continue developing things together.”


Stavros, the famous Chilean skater who travels all around the world, will never forget his home. “It’s crazy when you think we come from a country that is this far away. With the internet, everything is closer. When you start taking planes and you see how difficult is to get to Denmark, you realize that is not that easy. I like to say we come from Chile, and I think we leave a great impression. Many people tell us that they want to visit our country when we show them pictures and tell them how different from the rest of the world it is.”