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Images from 2019 Copenhagen Open Day 4-5


Sep 102019

Chilean Monster Energy Athlete and Skateboarder Stavros Razis has been traveling to Europe for the last 15 years skating with friends and looking for new spots to skate.

This time around we had the chance to chat with Stavros and talk about his recent video project  "CPH [AFTER] OPEN" which showcases his hunt for new skate spots in Copenhagen after the CPH Open event was over.


How long have you been traveling to Europe to skate?

Since 2005 I have traveled to Europe every year. I go there because the surfaces, materials and architecture is amazing to skate. Besides that it is also summer when it is winter back home (Chile). Also since I go often I've made good friends, I try to go to new places and try to record some moments like some of the stuff I show in this video for example.

What is your favorite spot and what makes it different from the others? Would you live there?

My favorite spot is always changing and each city has something great to offer. Lately I've enjoyed being in Paris, there are many spots but above all there is a lot of desire to ride everyday. The good thing is that I go directly to Republic Square and I am sure that I will meet some skaters that want to go to explore the city which is what I enjoy the most. Copenhagen is also a city that I love, much quieter, different vibe and very beautiful. At the moment I love to visit, I really love to live in Chile, so I have not thought about living anywhere else.

What is the best beer and where did you drink it?

The best beer is the one that is cold and that I drink with friends after skating all day.

What keeps you skateboarding?

The sensation of skateboarding is addicting and every day I appreciate it even more. I’ve met a lot of people so every time I arrive in a new city I know that I am going to have a great time. I do not need a tourist guide to show me the “must visit” attractions or restaurants. I know that if I start skating I will find something that provides instant happiness, that constant adventure is what provides me joy.

When is your next trip? Will you go alone or with friends?

I'm thinking about going to Buenos Aires with friends. Hopefully it happens because we have many friends that live there which always makes my days even better.

Some people see you and would like to do the same but maybe they don't know where to start, because it is very expensive or hesitant to travel with a skateboard. Do you have any advice that you can share with other skaters who want to travel and skate in Europe?

Yes it comes with a cost but when I wanted to go for the first time I saved what I could for more than a year. After that first trip I always wanted to go back. I have to find a way, and since that is in my head every year, I figure out a way to make it happen. The more I go back, the more opportunities that open up. If you really like to skate, you will do whatever it takes to travel to Europe, it is really worth it.

What does the CPH [AFTER] Open video project mean to you?

This video means a lot to me. It was my dream and I really appreciate the support that Monster gave me and Hans (videographer) to film the project. We filmed for a week nonstop and tried to make it work out as well as possible. After an intense week at the CPH OPEN, we watched many skate sessions and hung out with friends from all over the world. The days were very long and it was difficult not to be exhausted. But it was the right opportunity to try to film this project. Hans went to live there so I was able stay longer in Copenhagen to enjoy the endless spots the city has to offer. After the event ended, CPH returned to normal and we were on a relentless pursuit of finding new spots to skate around the city. We made sure we filmed everything until we had all the right takes. I was also very confident that Hans would edit the video very well, and that was exactly how it turned out. A beautiful memory for the both of us that I hope will inspire many to travel to the CPH Open and extend their stay to skate the city.