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Bulgarian Monster Athletes are swapping their sports in the "Swap Project".
Photos are taken by Nikoleta Bogoeva.
Sofia, Bulgaria

#CrushQuarantine with Alexander Yazov and Stivian Gatev

Jun 092020

At the height of the epidemic, about 2 billion people were forced to stay at home. This applied to everyone from Formula 1 drivers to skaters and surfers. In these difficult times, Monster Energy athletes launched the #CrushQuarantine campaign. An initiative that showed professional athletes in a different light. They were forced to stay at home like all of us, but thanks to #CrushQuarantine, we were able to see how they managed despite the limitations. Alexander Yazov and Stevian Gatev also got involved and gave us the opportunity to look into their homes and find out more about their preparation in these difficult times.

In our previous conversation, Alex mentioned how Virtual Racing is an integral part of his preparation for the season. Quite logically, he decided to organize a #CrushQuarantine virtual drift tournament. The regulation was to provide a one-minute video in which to perform drifts with cars branded with Monster Energy. More than 30 competitors took part, without restriction in the choice of game.
Here you can see the best performance, which won the grand prize:

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