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Audi Nines 2018 Day 3

Dan Hanka and Luca Schuler interview

Apr 242018

Dan Hanka and Luca Schuler may hail from different sides of Europe but they were both destroying to new Audi Nines set up last week. We took 10 minutes out from hot laps for an end of season catch up.

"When it’s time for Nines I’m always pumped to come and ski free, no comps, just skiing and having fun."

What’s up guys, how are you feeling right now?

D - I feel a bit tired after all the skiing we’ve been doing here in Nines; and after the evening program we’ve had, but feeling great!

L - I have a little headache but that’s ok, could be worse.

Where were you guys before coming here?

D - I came from Russia from the Russian Freestyle Games skiing event. It was great they had a really cool set up in the middle of nowhere, nice people, and a great event. Stoked to go back next year.

L - I had the last world cup of the season in Seiser Alm then went back home chilling, spa, skating. I was happy with how that event went, I didn’t make finals but stoked on how I ski’d and had a good feeling.

What’s been your best day this season?

D – My best day of season was the first day back from surgery. I was riding Stubai pre season September/October time.

L - I had an injury but it was good to be back on ski’s after quite a long break; so back on ski’s and was super stoked. Such a good feeling to be back on snow, so fun, I was enjoying it a lot. I went to Laax for a few days and that was so nice.

Are you guys stoked to be at Audi Nines this year?

D - Extremely stoked to be here, it’s a dream situation right here

L - I think this is my 4th year at Nines, always super hyped. When it’s time for Nines I’m always pumped to come and ski free, no comps, just skiing and having fun.

This year at Nines combines racing and freestyle, how are you finding both elements?

D – I’ve found it super cool ‘cos there’s a different aspect we need to put in to our skiing ‘cos we’re only used to jumps. The course makes you ski differently which is real nice and good for everyone to experience something new and absorb different ideas. All the ski cross guys are super nice too and it’s good to meet different people from different discipline but kind of the same

L - This year is so nice I really like it, it’s like I ski’d the ski cross course in Saas fee this summer it was super fun. My father is really in to ski cross and I really like it as well, it’s super fun. The start gate is real fun then jumps.

The course is pretty nuts and we’re expeting to see some crazy progression. What’s your favoruite trick right now ?

D - I think Cork double shift 9 to Cuban is my favourite right now

L - Cork 5 blunt

And have you learned any new tricks this season or got anything in mind for next?

D - I’ve just been adding on new bits to tricks I already do, refreshing older tricks basically.

L - Yeah I actually landed a sort of new trick, a new grab. Dub bio 12 mute, I was super stoked to land that in a run.

And after this event where are you headed, what’s next for you?

D – I’m going to Finland to Ruka to shoot an edit with Anti and Alex for Faction, a snowpark edit

L - I’m heading back home for Swiss champs then work a little bit then in the summer I begin the military stuff, a school for Swiss sports athletes.