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Photos from video series of Monster Energy freeskier Daniel Hanka Cruise&Roll

Dan Hanka - Cruise'n'Roll

Apr 012019

Dan Hanka is back in style! You may haven’t heard much about him last year, because of his unpleasant knee injury, however Dan spent most of the year training, working out and going through intensive rehabilitation so he could return stronger and better than before. But that’s not enough! Apart from physical training, he also managed to realize his long-term dream, to buy a stylish American muscle car and create his idea for a project called Cruise'n'Roll. And it’s a hell of a ride! Those who know Dan and his rock&roll lifestyle, can already guess, what is it all about. You can expect videos full of great music, breath-taking skiing tricks and cursing in badass sixties car.

Read an interview bellow and watch first four episodes of this crazy series.

Cruise'n'Roll is all about my love of music, old American cars and skiing.

Fourth episode of your Cruise'n'Roll series is out now; tell us how did you come up with this craziness and what can fans look forward to?

To realise this idea was a long and difficult process. Cruise'n'Roll is all about my love of music, old American cars and skiing. And of course my „rebel“ rock&roll image in the world of freeskiing helped a lot to shape the style and content of this series. I tis basically a mixture of everything I love. Apart from these things there is no concrete script. I tis a document about my life of a freeskiier, whatever it means. But it’s not a perfectly polished fairy tale. I say it is what it is.... skiing, meeting with friends, events, parties and struggles with the car. When there is ugly weather, that we film something else. Cruise'n'Roll is real. I hope the viewers will find it entertaining to watch and find out more about the Freeskiing „rock&rolla.“

Apart from you, there is this monstrous American car, which also plays the main part. Was it your dream car? How did get this one?

I used to love American muscle cars and rock music ever since I was a child. Those two things belong together. I remember going to see American car meetings with my dad and my brother a lot and every time it got me emotional. Me and my brother would stand behind started cars and I would shed tears of happiness listening to that dark sound of V8. I told myself that one-day, I would have such car. I always wanted 1968 Dodge Charger, however the prize is way out of my league. I was fascinated by its size, so I started looking for some similar full size cruiser. And a Wildcat is exactly the car I needed. To be honest, it is not my dream car, because I have never even dreamt about having something this brutal, haha. Imagine that I found it last minute on Facebook Marketplace...

How many episodes of this series do you plan to release?

During this winter season, there should be one video every Sunday. I don’t know how would it look like after season, but I guess I could release new video every two weeks.

Where can the fans meet you and check the car in real life?

I am currently spending a lot of time in Austrian Alps, and I will soon go to France. However in the Czech Republic, they can definitely meet me at MotoGP in Monster Zone or at other Monster energy events. We even plan some collaboration with other petrol heads from Monster Energy ambassadors, so stay tuned.