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Daniel Hanka, computer

Daniel Hanka and his crew shooting on Japanese powder

Feb 232018

Daniel Hanka and his crew traveled to Japan to shoot another part of Dan’s successful Smelly Socks series. Because Dan and his buddy Antti Ollila are known primarily as park riders, it will be more interesting to watch them on the famous Japanese powder. Before the Smelly Socks 4.1. will be released, read the Daniel's notes directly from the crime scene.

Greetings from Japan.


I just dropped Antti at Sappora airport and I'm sitting in a small cozy café, enjoying great coffee. Antti left the Smelly Socks crew a week earlier as he goes to Faction trip to Canada. Me and Bernie are staying and will try to make as much material as possible for the new Smelly Socks episode.


This episode will be unique in its own way. Until now, Smelly Socks has been a purely snow park affair. But now we went out of our comfort zone and headed far east to Hokkaido, Japan. Why outside the comfort zone? Antti and I, we are so called park rats. This is our first experience with good powder and wide powdery skis.


Japan is great, everyone is very helpful. The food is great... So my diet is almost entirely made up of sushi. Antti and Bernie are not exactly fans, so they eat mostly so called gaijin food (gaijin = foreigner).. We are lucky (or perhaps not) that it’s probably the most intense winter in the last 10 years. So there’s been a crazy blizzard going on for about 10 days. Every day there’s like a one meter of fresh snowfall. It seems like a dream. And indeed it is. But the blizzard and -14° is not exactly camera-friendly environment. So we struggle sometimes, but are not giving up.


There’s one unexpected event, for example. One day was extra cold and a lot of snow. We were stoked to go out and shoot as this was the dream - waist deep snow, what more do you want? BUT... It was about -15° and very cold air, so it felt like -30°. The snow was so dry and frozen so it did not slip at all. So instead of the best day ever, we had to step down the hill to get to the car and go back to our accommodation. It was definitely the first time (and I hope the last time) when I had to walk down the hill.


Meanwhile, I would sum up the whole trip to one sentence like this: Sending is easy, delivering is difficult.


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