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Daniel Hanka 2017 photoshooting

Daniel Hanka interview

May 172017

Czech Freeskier Daniel Hanka just recently released new episode of his world famous series Smelly Socks 3.1. Currently recovering from his knee injury, he is rehabilitating and getting ready to be even better than before.

daniel hanka interview

Hi Dan, how are you doing, what are you up to?

Hi, I am just lying in bed, listening to music and writing this interview! ☺

How is the situation with your injury, is it getting better?

It has been four weeks since the plastic surgery of my cross-ligament, so I am basically just lying in bed and looking around, haha. I can’t wait to fully rehabilitate so I can be back on skis as soon as possible.

How did it happen?

It happened in Andorra at SLVSH cup, in the small finals for third place. Last attempt for a trick in the last game. I landed a bit weirdly, but nothing special.. I landed like that many times before… but all of the sudden I felt some intensive pain in my knee and that was it.


New episode of your Smelly Socks series was just released and it looks like you had a lot of fun shooting it again. Can you tell us something about shooting?

It was quite standard shooting process. Classic fight with the weather, light, etc. However in the end, we had one powder day, which was probably the best day on skies in my life. The next two days we had also really good weather, so we were lucky to shred. We are good friends with Antti and we like to ride together so everything went easily. I really like it that way, when we just ride and Bernie cruises between us with camera and we are telling him where would we like to do what. It has a natural flow.

In winter, you took part in some interesting events. What were the highlights?

I have been looking forward the most to Soldiers in Deštná, but it was unfortunately canceled. Highlights were definitely PlayStreets, SLVSH Cup and the biggest was supposed to be 9 Royals, which was my life-long dream. I won the qualification, but unfortunately got injured just before the event. Let’s hope for the next year!

Summer holidays are slowly getting closer, are you planning any trips?

I am not sure yet, I was supposed to go to Finland, Sweden, California, Oregon, Canada, France and Switzerland. However, all of these trips were supposed to be skiing trips… so it is of course cancelled and I will probably 1000% focus on rehabilitation and exercising so I get together as soon as possible and be even more ready than before the injury. That is the nr.1 priority for me. However, I would like to visit Mighty Sounds this year so we will see each other in the Monster zone for sure.


Do you plan any other interesting projects this year?

I was planning to release Smelly Socks – Summer Edition Vol. 2, to follow up on a mini movie from last year that I managed to get to the International Freeski Film Festival in Annecy. But it will unfortunately have to wait until the next year.

What events are you looking forward the most?

None actually. I wasn’t planning to be here, so I” don’t really know what is happening over here. And since I don’t drink, I don’t really want to go somewhere.