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Photos from a media project with Danny Schneider and a Monster sponsored Hungarian team, NEUGA


May 052021

"After my cancer diagnosis, three months of chemotherapy and two major surgeries, I felt the need to feel alive again. I saw some shots of @wheeliepig doing a snow-hillclimb on his Harley Davidson at X-Games! So, I decided that it's not enough for me to just riding up a hill on shovel tires! I wanted to do something that has never been done before!! Doing the hillclimb and on the top of the mountain a step-up jump."

"I started with 6 different sets of tires and took a test drive in our mountain cabin!

It was very difficult depending on the snow conditions and temperatures! Which changed literally every day! Then we built the kicker, which was 2.30 m high, the distance to the top was 26 meters! One week later, when I wanted to do the first real test jumps, all the snow had melted!

4 weeks later it was snowing again, we built a new kicker on a different spot, where we had enough snow! The problem with this place was the 43 degrees elevation, that means I had to go at least 65 mph to clear the distance! We have finally found a date when the weather, snow conditions and temperatures are good to go for it!

I went up alone to do some test runs to see if I could reach the speed."

"When I arrived with a different rear tire, because it was much colder than the weeks before, I was good to drive but the tire wasn’t good at all! I drove back to the store for 2 hours to put the shovel tire back on.

After 5 hours I was back in the ski resort and was only able to do 2 test drives to check the speed, it got too warm. The snow was then too soft, I had to clear this jump the next early morning!"

"I had the photographer and the film crew ready to meet me at 9am!

When I woke up, I had the feeling to go for it, all by myself!

I put my phone in my MX boots in case of a crash, I could call for back up!

Then I drove to the kicker and set up some GoPro cams and got on with it!

2nd gear full throttle! I lost a bit of traction on the kicker, so my front end fell off a bit,

but I cleared the distance and drove away! The best feeling ever!

Unfortunately, when I landed, I broke my swing arm and couldn't do it a second or third time and had to cancel the photographer and film team!

Big big bummer! At least I achieved what I’ve wanted, I will do it again next winter! Double the height of the kicker and double the distance!"