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Images from official practise at the 2016 Polish Speedway GP

Danny Schneider Meets Speedway

Nov 012016

He’s used to building some of the coolest custom choppers in the world and sometimes he throws his leg over an FMX bike too, but Hard Nine Choppers legend Danny Schneider went way outside of his comfort zone recently when he headed to Torun, Poland to check out the penultimate Speedway Grand Prix of the year and he took to the circuit for a taste of shale too.

We caught up with the main man to get his thoughts and luckily, we gave him a GoPro and captured his whole weekend on camera too.

Danny, what was your first impression of speedway?

Well from the minute I knew I’d get the chance to ride a Speedway bike I was straight on to the internet to check out videos of our guys Greg (Hancock), Tai (Woffinden) and Chris (Holder) because I wanted to get an idea of what it was all about. Man, I was so impressed to watch these guys riding, the skill they show on the bike is unbelievable!

How was it getting to race a speedway bike for the first time?

It was the best experience. I mean, I’m coming from an MX and FMX background and before I got on the bike all the guys told me to forget everything I’ve learned on a dirtbike, and it was true! It took me some lap until I had the feeling to get the bike sideways but it was an amazing rush and it just sucks that I can’t ride every day now because I’m hooked on it! It was definitely the hardest and most technically-challenging motorsport I’ve ever tried but I loved every minute of it.

What did you enjoy most about the weekend?

The riding, for sure! That was awesome but then getting to watch the racing up close just blew me away, it was so cool to meet all the riders and hang out in the pits to see it all happening. The guys were just such nice people and it was awesome getting to meet them and see what they do, Monster got me the hook up so I could see the race really close and the whole weekend was just great. It meant a lot to me!

What did you think of the atmosphere?

I had no idea that speedway was so popular in Poland, the fans were incredible! You only have to look at the stadium to see what it means to people over there, it’s sick/ I pretty much had goosebumps for three hours straight!

If you could describe speedway in 3 words, what would they be?

Control, skill and balls!


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