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DarkFEST 2020 | Building the Beast

Feb 022020

It’s been a hell of a month out in South Africa for Sam Reynolds and the crew as they arrived in early January to rebuild the course for the fourth edition of DarkFEST. Fast forward a couple of weeks, the course is looking primed and ready to roast .


One things for sure, the boys sure are ready harvest the fruits of their labour.

Joined by Sam are his always on point build team Nico Vink and Clemens Kaudela, who put in some serious hours behind the helm of the diggers, stacking up mountains of dirt on the daily. The finished result looks nothing short of epic!


“It’s the longest course in DarkFEST history, I think in Fest Series history too.” says Sam.


Which answers our question, can it get any bigger? Well by the looks of things, they certainly could and they’ve done it. Adding another massive booter at the bottom of course dubbed the Rocket Launcher 2.0. Which you can get the full scoop here in Sam’s latest webisode.

 “It feels amazing, so stoked to get some tires down on the course, get some big air and remember how fast and sick it was. Nothing can really prepare you for that, really looking forward to getting in some top to bottoms now!”


If that hasn’t got you frothing for more, have a look at some of these images of the course for scale! That’s no photoshop.

DarkFEST 2020 is about to kick off in full swing and we can’t wait to see what unfolds during the next week with heavy hitters like Aggy and Tom van Steenbergen getting into town.

Stay locked to Monster Energy socials for all the hammers set to drop the coming days.