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David Goosen | Fit, Focused & Fired Up

Nov 182019

David Goosen has had a pretty interesting year in 2019, starting with bouncing back from a dreaded ACL reconstruction, moving cities and switching careers. The man is no stranger to big changes and it's clear that his focused and determined mindset has kept him on top of his game, showing admirable resilience when faced with adversity. We sat down with Goosen after the recent MX season closer to get all the details. Read on...

I felt great and as a racer your goal is to be able to just give it your absolute best and THAT'S what I did

Good to catch up with you after another long race season David. It has been an interesting year with some ups and downs and a lot of changes for you throughout 2019. What were some of this year’s greatest challenges?

2019 has definitely been a tough year for me, starting it out with an ACL reconstruction and rushing back into racing made me ride a bit scared and lacking confidence. As the knee got better and stronger, I also got better. I had a big change in moving cities and career choice, so behind the scenes things were very unsettled.  

As the season moved along, your riding got stronger. What would you say were the key things that helped you gain momentum throughout the series this year? 

As mentioned above I grew back the confidence and got more comfortable in my everyday life too. I got back into working in the motorcycle industry which is what I know best. Everything has been slowly falling into place again, it's just a bummer it took nearly a year to do so but you just need to get on with it.

The team is based in Joburg so I was kind of out on my own here and learning a new practice track which by the way does not suit 80% of our races

You recently moved down to the beautiful city of Cape Town. Has the move altered your riding and training in any way? 

It really did, I was completely thrown out of my comfort zone. The team is based in Joburg so I was kind of out on my own here and learning a new practice track which by the way does not suit 80% of our races as it's quite a sandy track. The move however has been great and we are loving it, but it most definitely put us out a bit.  

2019 saw some new opportunities come your way, including training riders in the UAE. Could you tell us a bit about that experience and how that came about? 

So my wife Shannon works for Qatar airlines in the cargo department so she is constantly going over there for meetings and training events, we thought it would be cool for me to go over with her and experience the country and see more of what she does for work. I figured while she was working during the day maybe I could do some bike riding, so social media came into play where | got in touch with a guy named Michael who was really keen on meeting up and doing some riding, once we rode and played in the dunes a few guys wanted to do some training and so we did it. It turned out really fun and an awesome bunch of guys who were really willing to learn.

Ryan Villopoto visiting SA and being involved in the local MX scene was huge for South African Motocross, how was your experience with RV2 during his time here in SA? 

I was fortunate to be apart of the experience as the team I race for brought Villopoto out, so we were staying at the same place and attending the same dinners etc. He's a really cool guy and it was definitely a little surreal to be able to chat to him. You can call me a fan boy I guess. He was really chilled most of the time but opened up a bit more after the weekend having seen me race a bit and having rode together on the Sunday. Some of the tips he gave me made so much sense that I will definitely make sure I work on them going into next year. 

You raced back at Zone 7 the week following the nationals and took the overall win. Explain the feeling of ending off the year on a high note and with a win? 

That was an awesome day for me, I put the national series for 2019 to rest and felt a bit of relief possibly. I had no sponsors or team members at the race so it was just me and my bike and no pressure. I felt great and as a racer your goal is to be able to just give it your absolute best and that's what I did. Great way to end of the year and now we just continue to grow with this feeling and won’t be having too much time off this off season, I have some work to do. 

What was your favourite racing moment of the MX National series this year?

It was definitely Round 4 at Dirt Bronco, I have some changes going on in my everyday life with jobs and lots of pressure being taken off my shoulders going into this round. I raced it like a machine with absolutely nothing but joy inside my head and it gave me the overall for the day in MX1. We had a lot of fun and delivered. This is the feeling we chase all year round.


Biggest achievement of 2019? 

Winning the overall at Dirt Dronco in MX1

Favourite MX track in SA? 

Wetherd MX Park or the Graveyard

Biggest rival in MX1?

Tristan Purdon

Your number 1 Fan? 

My wife by far. My family are also mad for it.

Your 2020 strategy in 3 points?

Focused, fit and fired up.

Keep up the hard work Goose, we'll be rooting for you trackside in 2020! Keep up with David by following him on social HERE.