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Day Five at CA TF | Summer X Games 2022

Jul 252022

The Final Day of X Games 2022

The final day of X Games 2022 was all skateboarding, all day! On the fifth day of the world’s biggest action sports contest, Monster Energy riders claimed two medals inside the California Training Facility (CA|TF) in Vista, California, as well as another podium in the Skateboard Real Street Best Trick competition filmed at a genuine street spot in San Diego.

Here’s how the fifth and final day went down for team Monster Energy:

Men’s Skateboard Park: Kieran Woolley Claims His First Gold! Luiz Francisco Takes Bronze.

As the final live event of the action-packed weekend, Men’s Skateboard Park brought together nine of the world’s leading park skateboarders for a battle at the California Training Facility. The field included Olympic medalists and former X Games gold medalists and world champions – so the crowd was in for an intense show.


But as the session unfolded, Monster Energy’s 18-year-old Kieran Woolley from Minnamurra, Australia, all but stole the show by sending it bigger and further than the rest of the pack. Plus, the young gun came into the event after recently taking silver at X Games Chiba 2022 and putting it down with a win at the Copenhagen Open bowl contest this summer.


In his third run, Woolley cemented his victory by putting together a massive kickflip varial Indy air over the massive gap from the deep end all the way into the vert extension. Responding to the trick, broadcast commentator Gary Rogers said: “I wish you could see how big that gap is in person!”


Woolley also posted a huge frontside boneless in the deep end, backside 5-0 transfer over the spine, backside 540 in the deep end, kickflip Indy into the wall ride, backside air disaster, alley-oop backside disaster the hip and a technical frontside invert revert in the deep end for the win.


“It’s so real out here, everyone was skating so good. Everyone’s skating was just next level. I am so honored to take this win with me and thanks so much for having me out here,” said Monster Energy’s Kieran Woolley upon winning Men’s Skateboard Park at X Games 2022 in Southern California.


This marks Woolley’s first X Games gold medal after earning silver at X Games Chiba 2022.


Another Monster Energy rider rose to the podium in Men’s Skateboard Park: On his 22nd birthday on Sunday, Brazilian team rider Luiz Francisco took home the bronze medal. His runs included kickflip Indy varial transfer into the bank, frontside Smith grind to tailslide into the corner, backside Smith grind the deep end, kickflip Indy body varial over the hip, kickflip Indy into the spine, kickflip backside disaster on the wall ride and a near-make double kickflip melon over the volcano for a well-deserved third-place finish.

Skateboard Real Street Best Trick: Matt Berger Snags Silver

Forget stadium contests and timed runs on purpose-built street courses! For a taste of genuine skateboarding out in the wild, the Skateboard Real Street Best Trick event was contested and filmed during X Games 2022 at a storied street spot: The legendary “Brooklyn” ten-stair rail in San Diego, California.


For the duration of a 30-minute session, the iconic handrail saw eight invited riders take turns in attempts to land the most innovative tricks. With every move filmed in high definition for audiences worldwide, each rider received several attempts to land a technical handrail trick on the spot known from countless videos.


In the next step, X Games judges reviewed the footage and officially crowned winners of real X Games medals. The results were announced in the ABC live broadcast from X Games 2022 on July 24, 2022.


When the judges cast their final vote, the bronze medal was awarded to 28-year-old Monster Energy team rider Matt Berger from Kamloops, Canada. Berger hit the ten-stair rail with a video part-level frontside bluntslide kickflip fakie for a well-earned third place in what promises to figure as a genuine showcase for innovative skateboarding in the streets. Maybe again next year, X Games?


This is not the first medal for Berger. At X Games 2021, Berger already claimed the silver medal in the Real Street video competition and represented Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Also no stranger to technical rail tricks, newly minted Monster Energy team rider Braden Hoban sent a kickflip frontside lipslide and kickflip frontside bluntside to fakie down the rail. Japanese young gun Daiki Ikeda from Tokyo landed a technical bigger flip front board in the new contest format to stoke the crowd. Hey ESPN, perhaps make this contest a permanent fixture at X Games?


And that’s a wrap for X Games 2022! Sunday’s medals bring the Monster Energy team’s X Games 2022 count to 18 medals (5 gold, 9 silver, 4 bronze).