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Ethan Morgan at DIYX Project Postwiesen.

DIYX - The Belgian edition

Oct 082018

Hi Ethan! Born in Japan, half German and half American, living in Austria. A real Globetrotter. Is this your first time in Belgium?

Ethan: Yes, it is my first time here. I can't believe I haven’t been here before. Belgium is a really beautiful country and it has a lot friendly people. I'm really hyped to have the DIYX here.


Can you please explain what DIYX is all about to our Belgian fans?

Ethan: DIYX is "Do it yourself extreme". We gather a bunch of people and in one day, we try to shape a park in the best way we can. We invite pro riders and learn everybody how to shape a park. So we shape the park together as awesome as it can get and the next day we simply ride it. Afterwards, it’s open for everyone.


Who did you invite and why to this event?

Ethan: Most friends of mine are pro riders. It’s a small community, so we’re all good friends of each other. I also look to invite people who are really motivated to be part of the experience. Everyone who attended was super stoked to actually do this. The park looked amazing and everybody was so stoked.


What is the most rememberable for you on this event?

Ethan: The whole experience on itself. Some people can’t make it to the shaping day but arrive on the riding day. The whole thing is about creating something together and hang out together. A very chill atmosphere among friends. We make whatever we want to. So for me the most rememberable is the whole experience. It's best to be there from the beginning till the end. All creative minds together to have the best result as possible. Ride together on these things we created ourselves. Till the last beers we drink together after the final day. From point "A" till point "B" till "Z". We make it for ourselves, the way we want and it is all in our own hands.


What is the best trick to remember? 

Ethan: The first run with everyone together. The reward of hanging out there with the people you worked hard with to shape this. Turning on the sound box, some heavy techno beats and the rewarding feeling when taking of.


Can you tell us a little bit more about the tour?

Ethan: The tour has now 3 stops but i’m going to do this even more. We have plans for summer and spring sessions. A week of DIYX camp this summer looks really awesome. There is so much potential in doing more and more.



Thanks Ethan! Lot's of succes in the future!