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DJ Lucky Boy Mango Loco Photoshoot

DJ Lucky Boy and MenT: New Drift Project and much more

Nov 012019

DJ Lucky Boy and MenT are back with new episode of Drift Project, which went straight to trends... as always... We asked them about their future plans as well as how they spend Halloween. 

DJ Lucky Boy & MenT

How are you doing and what are you up to?

Lucky Boy: Hi, I’m great. We are working on our cars, playing shows, shooting videos and I also have quite a lot of marketing work for my clients. I am also trying to spend some time with my girlfriend, who is also quite busy as myself.

MenT: I’m good, currently working on new episode of Made in Japan.

Do you celebrate Halloween at all?

Lucky Boy: I don’t, however I always watch my favourite petrolheads, who always do something special with their cars on Halloween and sometimes create real monsters out of them. One day, I would love to do such Halloween event locally, because it works great abroad and creativity of some of those guys is incredible.

MenT: Not really, I will probably carve a pumpkin and go for drink. I have never been into masks, really.

What can we look forward still this year? Is there going to be some more video edits or episodes of your shows?

Lucky Boy: Just yesterday, something really cool happened and it looks like we will be able to put together a new project, that hasn’t been done in CZ/SK and I think even in Europe, there are not many people who would do something like that. I cannot tell you what exactly is it going to be, but it will include my Nissan 350z. We just recently released new Drift Project, which went straight to top 10 trending videos on Youtube within less than 24 hours so we are very thankful that people like it and love same stuff we do. We plan to release 1 or 2 more episodes of Drift Projects this year and than focus on Made in Japan series and work on our Furt Bokem Warrior. 

We had some really cool event a few days ago at the shopping mall in Ostrava and more than 1500 fans visited us, which really shocked me. We didn’t expect such feedback. So we are starting to work on this project so we can bring it to more cities next year and push the level of legal drifting and meetings even further. Since the end of the season is near, we are all going back to our garages to work on our cars for 2020. I am really looking forward for the 2020 season that will be full of drifting and parties.

MenT: We released new episode of Drift Project a few days ago, which was well recieved and we plan to do at least one more still this year. Viewers can also look forward for new episode of Made in Japan and edit from my summer roadtrip to Romania.