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DJ Shireen India influencer

DJ Shireen: The Club Queen

Jan 072018

At first glance, you might think that Shireen Aida Khan is nothing more than a college student out for a night of fun with friends. That is, until she steps behind the console. It's then that she transforms into the "Club Queen."

Yes, the woman known as "DJ Shireen" has accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time. She broke outonto the DJ scene at the young age of 19 back in 2005. At the time, she was India's youngest female DJ. It didn't take her long to start working her way up. Today, she's one of the best known DJs in the country. That's evidenced by her ranking as "Top 10 DJs in India" by Exhibit Magazine and "No. 1 Female DJ" by Web. But DJ Shireen may still just be getting started.

A noted workaholic, DJ Shireen's career unofficially began when she made it to the National Finals of the Times War of DJs. From there, she's been a hit on the club scene, performing everywhere from Qatar to Dubai to Singapore to Mysore. With her unique blend of electro house, Bollywood, funk, tech house, R&B and hip hop, she's gained a following of nearly 370,000 fans on her Facebook page. Her home country of India isn't the only place where she's gained a following, either. In fact, music fans in the U.K. have grown fond of the young DJ's work as well.

The bottom line when it comes to DJ Shireen is that looks can be deceiving. On the surface, she has a young, innocent, girl-next-door type of look. But when she gets behind the console, she transforms into the Club Queen. And still young in her career, there's reason to believe that DJ Shireen is really just getting started.