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Portraits of Anthony Kumpen with his car on the grid of the Zolder racetrack in Belgium

Double podium for Anthony Kumpen

Apr 172018

PK Carsport immediately achieved a brilliant performance during the opener of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series in the Spanish Valencia. Anthony Kumpen drove twice to the podium, Stienes Longin tapped twice as fourth. Yet it was not an easy weekend for the Belgian team, but once again the boys from PK Carsport showed an unwavering determination.

To say that PK Carsport in Valencia as a rocket from the starting blocks would be exaggerated. During the training sessions, it was necessary to look fervently for the right set-up, which was ultimately only found for the qualifications.
"We returned to last year's set-up, which immediately proved to work well," explains Anthony Kumpen. "Actually, we should have done that from the start of the weekend, because that way we lost some valuable time. But come, for the first match I could finally leave third. "

At the start Kumpen however ended up in turbulent waters. "I was sitting next to Marc Goossens, when it brutally closed the door," says the Hasselaar. "I had to be full in the brakes and fell back to P7. Marc was penalized for that maneuver after the race, but my race was actually killed. Eventually I could still be ranked third, but chasing a fast round (which determines the start grid of race 2, ed.) Was not there. That way I could only start fifth on Sunday on Sunday. It is good omen for the rest of the season that I could advance to second place and actually was faster than later winner Alon Day. "

That Kumpen could be at the start of the second race was actually the best performance of the PK Carsport team this weekend. In the Elite 2 race on Sunday morning, Guillaume Dumarey was involved in a major crash. Fortunately, without being too bad for the rider, but the back of the # 24, the car that Kumpen shares with Dumarey, was completely put together.
"I was already convinced that I would not be able to drive", says Kumpen. "But in two hours the boys have repaired the damaged chassis, just like the rear axle and the bodywork. The whole back, almost. Hat off for what they have shown there. No other team in the whole paddock could do the same. "

Stienes Longin also appeared to be relatively satisfied after the end of the Spanish season opener. "Even though my ambitions were higher than two fourth places," admits the Leuvenaar. "But due to the set-up problems at the start of the weekend, this was the best result possible. Maximum damage limitation, say. Especially in the second race it went very well, when I moved from ninth to fourth place. We scored two important points twice and are now fourth in the championship standings. That is a good starting point for the continuation of the season. "

In Elite 2 came the best result of the weekend of Guillaume Dumarey: in the Saturday race he tapped fourth. "Still, I was never really in the rhythm", the East Flemish admits. "I was determined to put that right on Sunday, but at the end of the first round I was surprised by a car that had come to a standstill on the outside of the first corner. Contact was inevitable. "
Brazilian Felipe Rabello was in the first race, with a broken suspension, when he occupied the fourth position. On Sunday he seemed to be on his way to the podium, but a steering error caused Rabello to come across as the eighth.