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Sunday images from the 2018 World RX of Portugal

Double Podium for Johan and Petter at #MontalegreRX

Apr 292018

What’s better than a podium? A double podium of course. It’s almost as beautiful as YouTube’s famous double rainbow. Do a search, and thank us later.

In the meantime, can we all take a quick moment to appreciate the incredible job Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg did with their 600bhp VW Polo R Supercars this weekend in Portugal…

Celebrating the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s 51st event with a bang, Johan Kristoffersson dominated the finals at #MontalegreRX to keep his flawless 2018 score alive.

In fact, in true Kristoffersson style, the records kept on tumbling following his performance at the high altitude mountain circuit. It’s the 29-year old Swede’s 9th win out of 11 events, as well as third consecutive victory – if you count last year’s season finale in South Africa.

Teammate Petter Solberg wasn’t far behind either. Despite only placing in 6th position after the qualification races, and struggling at the start of the semi final, Petter went into full-attack mode for the six lap main final.


The triple FIA world champion powered through the snow blizzard that enveloped the event ending race, snapping at the heels of second place finisher Sebastian Loeb, and going on to finish 2.7 clear of fourth placed Andreas Bakkerud.


Full official results from the weekend are here, and championship standings are here. Don’t just take it from us though, check out what Johan and Petter had to say after the snow blasted final, as well as how their weekend looked through the lense of our trackside photographers.

Johan Kristoffersson – 1st:


“I have to say I’m pretty full of adrenaline right now; that was a tough semi final and final with incredibly tricky conditions. The first corner of the semi final was carnage but I still managed to come out first. I got hit really hard at turn three on the first lap, so there was a bit of damage on the rear – which was actually causing a bit of smoke and exhaust gas to creep in to the cockpit. In the final it was more or less the same – I got a great launch, and there was a sense of deja-vu from 2015 with the conditions.  Back then I was actually P2 on the same grid slot, and went for the joker straight off the start. This time I chose to go to the first corner and then closed off Timmy [Hansen] – the same as 2015 also! In a way the weekend was a little bit the same as it was in Barcelona- I didn’t feel like I could show my pace properly. I just kept pushing for six laps as hard as I could in the race, and now I’ll continue pushing for the rest of the season. It’s fantastic to have Petter join me on the podium too after such a crazy weekend.”

Petter Solberg – 3rd:


“It was incredible in the car – I actually want to see the TV coverage of the race to see what that looked like from the outside. I think we had every condition possible we could have throughout the weekend; dry, wet, sun, snow, wind! My start in the final was ok, but like Johan said the conditions were just so slippery. I got the tiniest touch from Loeb, but I just focused on pulling gears and carrying speed through the corners. I was using engine braking more to stabilize the car at the end of the long straight here in Montalegre. Johan has been absolutely unbelievable again – he’s just on the pace all the time, and he’s got another win. It’s fantastic! I’ve never seen conditions like this in all the time I’ve been racing in World Rallycross. We have to work a little bit more now on the details, as we haven’t been the fastest this weekend, but the way everyone in the team has pulled together to make this result happen is fantastic, and is great for the rest of the season.”