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Images from Round 10 of the Speedway GP series from the Friends Arena in Stockholm


Sep 242017

It’s the business end of the Speedway Grand Prix season and it’s safe to say Jason Doyle did exactly what he needed to do in an intriguing Stockholm GP, extending his overall lead to a mammoth 22 points heading into the final two rounds.

If we’re being completely blunt, it wasn’t the most exciting or eventful round of the series and it certainly won’t go down as a classic – but Australian charger Doyle left beaming from ear-to-ear knowing he’s so close to the ultimate prize.

When you are in a stadium that only last week hosted a soccer match, and building a speedway circuit entirely from scratch within just days, it’s not always going to be plain sailing and it was a tough track that presented plenty of problems.

Doyle, though, came through it unscathed and his third place overall means he can actually wrap up his first world title by matching the score of our man Patryk Dudek in the penultimate round in Torun, Poland in two weeks.

It was a second consecutive win for Matej Zagar, who came from nowhere to take a surprise win, with Bartek Zmarzlik running a second place and Doyle in third.

Here’s what our guys had to say about their night;

“It was going good, I had it together and the track was tough but I was getting some good rides – I don’t know how or why! In my semi-final I was in front and I gave Kildemand a bit of a chance to go round the outside and he went down, and that was the end of my night. I don’t know what the referee wants me to do in that situation really, I had no choice. This track was one of the worst we’ve had in
years, when the track is this small they’ve got to get it right and they didn’t, so hopefully it’s the last we see of it.

“It’s a shame I didn’t get to the final because I felt good and I was
gating well and I fancied my chances of doing something, but now I’ve got something that’s working I feel better going into the last two rounds. I’ve got nothing to lose so I’ll just ride my bike and see how it goes!”


“The track was s**thouse. All the riders are saying the same thing, but I guess at the end of the day it’s the same for everybody and you’ve got to get on with it. I didn’t really struggle to ride it even though it was really bad, I did okay in the three races I actually had.

“I touched the tapes a couple of times in my first two so I didn’t actually start my night until the third round of heats, which was hard. It was hard to get the set-up but I think I did okay and salvaged what could’ve been a really bad night. Some people would’ve let their head get down and ended up with only one point so I did okay, if I didn’t touch the tapes it would’ve been a different story. I’d only done it twice in my career before tonight!

“I don’t know why the referee was holding the tapes for so long, none of the boys liked it and we have a dry clutch so when he’s holding them for that long, the clutch is spinning and it gets so hot inside. I have no idea why he was doing it, it was pretty weird. On to the next one.”

“The track wasn’t good, it was a very hard one to work out and we had problems all night trying to figure out what to do. It cut up very early and there were lots of holes so you just had to try and stay on, it was hard to race. Of course I’m disappointed that I didn’t make the semi-final’s but there isn’t much I can do now, I just have to go to the next round and try to do better. It was a hard night and not one that I will want to remember much!”