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Images of Patryk Dudek from the Danish SGP


Jun 252017

As debut seasons go you’ll have to look a long way to find one better than the one Patryk Dudek is having as he charged to yet another podium finish in the Danish Speedway GP.

He may only be six events into his GP career but he’s racing like a veteran and he heads into the mid-season break with three podium finishes out of five events and just one point off the top of the world championship standings.

It was another brutal battle in front of 10,000 passionate Danish fans and some heavy rain the day before meant that the track was even tougher than usual, but it produced some of the most cut-throat racing we’ve seen all year.

“I feel great, it’s another good night for me and more points in the bag so I am happy. It was a hard night because we were always looking for the right set-up with the bikes and trying to find something that works.


“There was a lot of rain after practise and that made the track tough, it was changing all the time and we had to work out the best way, but it’s the same for all the riders and we all have the same chance.


“The important thing is that I am fighting into the semi-final’s and then the final, if I keep doing that then I will always have good points and I can fight at the top. Now we have a small break for the World Cup and I will find out tomorrow if I am in the team, if I am then of course I will be really proud and I will fight for the gold medal for the country.”


“It’s a long season and we’re nearly halfway through now, normally a lot of people go well up until this point and then tail away in the second half of the season, so we’ll see. I get a break now, I’ve been renovating my house and I’ve had a lot going on but now I can have a break and focus on speedway and nothing else.


“I’m struggling at the moment but I’m still sat where I am in the championship and not far off the lead so it’s not too bad. I’ve won two world titles in four years, I know what I can do – I’ll be there at the end we’re just working on a few things a little bit. There’s still a long way to go.”


“It was a frustrating night really, I started off well with a win in my first heat and then after that I struggled a bit and couldn’t get things going. The track was difficult to read and I couldn’t get in front in the first turn and that made life hard, so I’m disappointed.


“In my last ride I made a good start but then Emil found something up the inside and even though I felt pretty quick I just couldn’t make up the ground and that was my night over. There’s still a long, long way to go and we’ll keep chasing, it’ll be nice to have a break now and we’ll come back ready and raring to go for Cardiff.”


“It was a bit up and down, I started off well but lost it a bit in the middle and I needed to win my last one. I took a bit of a gamble and swapped bikes but it didn’t quite work out, it’s real frustrating you know? I can’t seem to find it consistently, they don’t seem to work how we think they’re going to work and it’s a pain in the a**e.


“When it’s good it’s really good but when it’s bad it’s terrible. We are still a bit scared to do what we normally do because we don’t know if it’s going to work or not so we need to play around and see what we can do. I can get some laps in over the next few weeks and see how we get on, hopefully for the next round I’ll come with something that we know is consistently fast.”