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Images of Patryk Dudek from Latvian SGP


May 282017

Daugavpils, a quiet city in Latvia, may not hold much significance for most people but there will be one man who will remember it for the rest of his life – Patryk Dudek.

That’s because that is the place where he took the lead in the Speedway World Championship for the very first time in his career by registering a second place finish in what is only his fourth GP event ever.

Patryk’s introduction to life as a GP rider has gone smoother than anybody could’ve predicted and his burgeoning reputation grew even further on Saturday as he got his second podium finish of the season in awesome style.

It wasn’t an easy night and the Lokomotiv Stadium circuit is one that is difficult to pass on but Patryk after two tough rides, where he came third in both, he had his starts dialled in perfectly and did all the hard work in the first corner.

Here’s what he had to say; “What can I say? I’m really happy. I had a very bad start but then we changed the bikes and I won all my heats from then until the Final. Piotr was really fast in the second half of the meeting and I couldn’t catch him so congratulations to him.


“It is only my third GP as a full-time rider and I have been in the Final twice, and last time I made the Semi-Final’s so I’m happy so far. Me and my team are talking all the time in the pits because sometimes you win the race before you get on to the track, sometimes you win it in the pits before. We talk all the time and always try to learn and get better, we are learning every round.

“I think we need to end the series now and then I can have the title! I do not look too much at the points, we have only had three rounds so it is still early but of course it is nice to be leading. I just want to stay healthy and make sure I score good points in every round, if I do that then I will be in the top eight and maybe even higher.


“It is a good feeling to be at the top but it is important to be there at the end of the season so that is what we must focus on.”