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Ed Zunda and Fernando Laczko take on Belfast!

May 092018

Monster Energy’s own Fernando Luczko and Ed Zunda flew into Belfast, Northern Ireland airport on Thursday at 1pm and by 2pm the boys had already built their bikes and were exploring the city. This is BMX. No taxis.


The pair had only two tasks. The first was to attend The Ramp House Jam and the second was to hit up as many local spots as possible have fun whilst our guys filmed an edit. Simple right?


With the persistent Northern Irish rain moving in, the boys still pushed on. They linked up with the guys from The Ramp House on Friday morning and went to hit up an abandoned driving range which had since been covered with graffiti and converted into a skate spot by the locals. It goes by the name of ‘Monkey Bird’, apparently a crew of skaters from Belfast who go by that name build and skate there regularly. We’re a big fan of the name.


Fernando Laczko was entered into the competition at The Ramp House Jam and despite taking most of 2017 off due to injury, he came first place and dominated the park.


A massive shout should also go out to the local PSNI in Belfast for their support on the trip.


Check out the edit and let us know what you think! We’ll be dropping the bike check’s soon so stay tuned ;)