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Ego photoshooting 2016 Bratislava Monster Ultra

Ego confirms his long awaited solo record and talks about other plans

Jan 182017



Hi Ego, thank you for taking time for this interview. How was your year 2016?

It was pretty colourful, from birth of our second child to variety of all different songs and singles I have done, both underground music and radio hits. I have worked on Rytmus’ latest album as executive producer, helped finding new talents with TV Ocko and last, but not least, done about 200 pieces of graffiti. ☺

You recently got back from Florida. Did you go for holidays or have you been working on some project?

It was basically a holiday, but every time I am over there, I am trying to search for new music, fashion, art and lifestyle trends.

Everyone is exciting for your solo album; can we expect it finally in 2017?

You bet brother! I want to release my first official solo album in 2017; even tough I have already released 5 albums.

First Podzemgang album was quite revolutionary for our countries – many young „unknown“ interprets and producers, great tracks, many videos. What is the next plan with this project? Can we expect more?

Talking of Podzemgang, in my computer, I have many great songs, I will try to provide to people. I really enjoy these things even though main focus is currently the solo album.

What music have you been listening to lately? Do you listen to anything totally out of your genre that your fans might not expect?

New album of Bon Iver. I am also refreshing Nobel prize awarded Bob Dylan.

What are your hobbies apart from music? I know you like snowboarding, have you already been snowboarding this year?

This winter I was riding at Kaprun in Tatry Mountines. I play football, started going to the gym again and what also keeps me fit is living with my super sexy wife.